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A post-work road ride; more about the flooding

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I like to ride after work whenever possible, but lately I haven’t done much of that. Now that we’re on daylight savings time and the days are getting longer, I’ll be able to do more.

We had heavy rains for a couple of days and I was a bit surprised that I didn’t see Moore’s Creek Road on the list of road closures. It’s a low area right by Lake Monroe, and it flooded last year. I was curious about this, and unsure how comprehensive the list of closed roads was, so I rode down to see if it was in fact closed. Here is what I found.

Moore’s Creek Road, March 20, 2008

Here’s how it looked in early March last year.

Moore’s Creek Road, March 5, 2007

A few more words on the flooding: we didn’t get hit as hard as some other areas, such as Ohio and Texas where I’ve read about quite a lot of problems. Here, as far as I can tell, the flooded areas are the usual suspects, mostly low-lying areas near bodies of water. I haven’t heard about anyone getting hurt, and someone in my office who lives far out in the country has been able to get to work just fine. I don’t know if any homes are affected, but in the above photo at least, what you’re looking at is by a recreation area; the homes nearby are on higher ground, for this very reason.

The worst of it seems to be that I my riding options may be pretty limited this weekend.

5 Responses to “A post-work road ride; more about the flooding”

  1. furiousball Says:

    see there’s your proof of global warming right there mister… last year, frozen. this year, not frozen. what’s warmer? that’s right not frozen. case closed.


  2. Sarah Says:

    Did you notice that last year there was a “road closed” sign but this year there wasn’t? The reason Moore’s Creek wasn’t on the list is because it isn’t actually closed. You can paddle through anytime you like.

  3. John Says:

    We have gotten an inordinate amount of rain this year again. Put me down as a “yes” for closing that road. Temporarily anyway.

  4. Marty Says:

    Good to hear that the flooding isn’t too bad around you. Sounds like the midwest got hit pretty badly – and that it’s going to get worse with the snow meltoff. Stay safe and don’t bike through raging rivers.

  5. Marty Says:

    Just found this link to a pretty cool flash flood image: http://epod.usra.edu/archive/images/0.flashfloodcvckaug10.compos.sm.jpg

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