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Water works ride

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Saturday was a pretty nice day, the high temperature for the day reaching 47 degrees. It was a great day for a ride, so ride I did, while Sarah was working. I did the Water Works ride, which is a route I ride quite often when the weather is good, but I hadn’t ridden it for a while. I use it as a sort of training ride, typically, but it can be quite beautiful, too.

I wore the Rivendell MUSA Pants my mom got me for my birthday (thanks, mom!) at Sarah’s suggestion (thanks, Sarah!). They are fairly thin nylon and I wasn’t sure they’d be warm enough in this weather, but they were just right. I was very comfortable. These pants are great because they look fairly normal, but they’re a little slimmer on the legs than normal pants and have velcro straps to keep them from getting caught in the chainring. There’s also a strap on the left which can help prevent the pants from trapping air while you ride. The legs are a little longer than usual which suits me just fine, they cover my ankles while I ride better than some other pants I have. These strike a good balance between being good for riding and looking presentable off the bike. And I was a little worried they’d have too much drag on a windy day, but it was windy and the drag wasn’t bad.

These pants rock.

I was feeling a little sluggish all day Saturday and sometimes riding makes me feel more energized, but it didn’t help much this day. But I still had an enjoyable ride. I had more trouble with the hills than I had hoped I would, but my lack of riding due to the crummy weather has taken its toll on me. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get in better shape. Also the roads were very sandy and I had to be extra cautious as I was worried my wheel would wash out in a turn.

Lake Monroe, from Shady Side Dr.
View from Shady Side Dr.

Moore's Creek Rd.
Sandy road

The water level was much higher than it’d been in quite some time, and in places you could see plants had started growing in what had become dry land. It sure was a dry year last year. Now those parts are filling in with water again.

Lake Monroe
Lake Monroe from Moore’s Creek Rd. There’s a layer of ice on the lake.

Moore's Creek joins Lake Monroe
Moore’s Creek joins Lake Monroe

My bicycle by Lake Monroe
My bicycle. Note to furiousBall: you can see here it says “Marilyn is a whore,” not “Van is a whore.”

This area was dry two months ago
This whole area was dry a couple of months ago.

Moore's Creek Rd.

Wheel and ice
Wheel and ice

The climb up Moore’s Creek Road was harder than usual, but I made it. After that it’s fairly easy going back into town, with some rolling hills that provide some challenge, but nothing too big.

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  1. Marty Says:

    So, is this water level something that’s going to carry over to the summer (i.e. lower chance of drought) or is this more of a flooding situation? Either way, that water will bring up more life in the spring – when it finally gets there!

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