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January, 2008 cycling recap

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I rode 200.08 miles in January. That’s a little better than I did in December, but otherwise my lowest mileage since last February, when I got my road bike. Here’s how the mileage broke down:

Commute: 80
Errands: 1
Road: 109.68
Mountain: 9.4

That’s pretty weak, but it could have been worse. I only drove to work a couple of times when there was rain. Hopefully February will be better.


Friday, February 1st, 2008

Yesterday’s forecast said we’d have a “wintry mix” for a while and then get 2-5 inches of snow overnight. There was even a winter storm warning in effect. I was excited about this, as we haven’t had even one good snow this winter, and I thought it would make for a fun ride to work this morning. We didn’t get any precipitation last night until some freezing rain when I walked the dog around midnight, so I thought the storm was getting started.

I woke up this morning to find, well, pretty much nothing. The parking lot in our apartment complex looked wet … no snow, no ice, just water. I looked again a minute later and snow was coming down sideways. By the time I got out of the shower, the snow had stopped. It wasn’t enough to even cover the ground, although it did leave a thin white layer over things.

The roads mostly had a layer of slush on them on my way to work. A few busier roads were clear, but mostly I rode through slush. It was pretty disgusting at times but sort of fun in the places where I got to make the first tracks through the slush. It also sounded interesting — not the familiar crunchy snow under my wheel sound but more of a continuous sloshing. The only thing that made my ride difficult was the wind, especially when I crested the hill approaching Walnut and was greeted with a blast of air blowing straight at me that made it difficult to make any progress, even in a low gear.

I didn’t have any problems with traction until I got to the parking lot at work, which was, as always, in worse shape than any other part of the ride. I can’t help but wonder who thought a brick parking lot was a good idea. My rear wheel slipped slightly as I turned into the lot. Then I had a bit of trouble walking to the door as the stone path was icy. So now I’m wondering if the roads were slicker than I realized and if my tires did a great job, or if it was just that path that was slick.

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