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Seven degrees

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

During my ride to work this morning it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit, with a windchill of -7. I could really use some goggles; for a while, I thought my glasses were going to freeze to my face, especially when I crested a hill and was greeted with a blast of extremely cold air. Otherwise, I was fairly comfortable, although I could have used another layer on my legs.

In cold weather, my bicycle gets some condensation when I bring it in the building. When it’s really cold, like today, water condenses on the bike and immediately freezes. All from being out in the cold for about 15 minutes. Granted, this is nothing compared to what some Minnesota commuters are going through, but for here in southern Indiana, this is extremely cold.

4 Responses to “Seven degrees”

  1. Marty Says:

    I can see it now – get a fur-lined parka, some goggles and go out in the sleet and snow, and when you get to work, everyone will think you were Han Solo coming in out of the cold of Hoth. Or maybe that’s just the Star Wars geek in me talking.

  2. Noah Says:

    We need to get you a sticker for the bike. Something along the lines of:

    Warning: Do not lick bicycle.

    It should have a Cross-out through a silhouette of someone licking a frozen pole, too.

  3. Jon Says:

    Anything below about 35 degrees causes my eyes to water so badly I really hate riding in my regular glasses. I use some cheap, full-coverage safety glasses, but I am fortunate in that I don’t need my regular glasses to ride a bike (mostly for up-close work).

    Today (10 degrees F) was super-annoying, though, because I was just warm enough that I couldn’t keep the things from fogging unless I pulled them slightly away from my face to let the air circulate. Of course, that made my eyes water…

    Looking forward to Spring!

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