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Road riding 2008: So far, three consecutive flat tires

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I rode the Water Works route on Saturday and suffered yet another flat tire. That means I’m 3/3 so far this year: three road rides, three flat tires. The first was mysterious, and I couldn’t find a leak or any obstructions in my tire. The second and third were from riding over glass, which got stuck in my tire and punctured the tube. I guess there must be more road debris around here during the winter. I patched my tube without incident this time, and several other cyclists rode by while I was working on it. They checked to make sure I had everything I needed — I did.

This brings me to the one downside to my Rivendell Roll-y Pol-y tires: they are damn near impossible to get on and off my rims. I didn’t care much once I got them on and road over 400 miles without a flat tire. But now that I seem to be getting regular flat tires, it’s becoming a real problem. I don’t know whether it’s because of the tires, or my rims, or if they just don’t play nicely together for some reason. But it’s driving me crazy. And of course, so are the flat tires, but I don’t blame the tires for that. Sure, if I had kevlar belts in my tires, I probably would’ve been OK, but I intentionally did not buy tires with the belts because of their weight. And I had no problems until recently. Maybe I need some tougher tires for winter.

I also scratched the paint on my top tube — I guess I leaned my bike against something abrasive. I’ll have to be more careful about that in the future. I finished the ride and enjoyed it a lot, once I was rolling again.

2 Responses to “Road riding 2008: So far, three consecutive flat tires”

  1. Marty Says:

    Sucks about the flats – I guess Fix-a-Flat is too bulky to carry around? Can you even use that with bike tires?

  2. Revrunner Says:

    I had similar thought when I went through my rash of flat tires last year. You might remember I gave serious thought to switching to Specialized Armadillo tires for the same reasons. Never did, though. Stuck with the Specialized Mondo-S tires. Haven’t regretted that decision. . . recently. 🙂

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