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Cycling goals for 2008

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I won’t call these New Year’s resolutions, exactly, but I’d like to set some cycling goals for 2008. Here are my goals, in no particular order.

  • Ride 4,000 miles.
  • Ride at least one century.
  • Complete at least two Sub 24-Hour Overnight (S24o) camping trips. Preferably more.
  • Go on tour.
  • Ride with Sarah more often.
  • Ride with my friends and family more often.
  • Make some new friends with whom to ride.
  • Run more errands by bicycle.
  • Do the Brown County Breakdown again.
  • Do the Hilly Hundred again (this may get traded for a short independent tour).
  • Ride in some real mountains again.
  • Improve my photography and writing.

The only potential problem I see is that I also want to do more hiking this year, and I’m not sure I can find time for both more cycling and more hiking. So, some cycling miles may get traded for hiking miles.

12 Responses to “Cycling goals for 2008”

  1. Noah Says:

    Looks like a good list. I find it easier to check items off if I quantify things. Then again, I’m very analytical, and can’t really make a goal for myself without having some very clear defining moment in mind, sine qua non.

    For instance, doing a quick count, I logged “errand” miles 196 days last year. Some of them were 1-mile jaunts over my lunch break. Others were things like trips to my parents place 20 miles away to help them with something. Likewise, some days I ran more than one errand in an outing, or ran errands on multiple outings in the same day. I didn’t keep track of all that stuff, but days-of-errands seems like an okay metric for this sort of thing. Regardless, here’s to goals, and rising up to your own challenge!

  2. Ian Says:

    Looks like you’re going to be busy this year. I have no doubt that you’ll hit the goals and probably surpass them. I already think that your writing and photograpy skills are at a high level, so trying to improve is going to be tough.
    *Cheers* to setting the goals and blowing right through them.

  3. Dave Says:

    Obviously, I focused in on the goals that I might share with you…which leads me to wonder:
    a) what “real mountains” might you ride? Smokies? Rockies? Northeast?
    b) what’s a sub24 camping trip? does it involve a bike? beer? goats?
    c) what short independent tour might you do in addition to/instead of the Hilly? Some other two-day marathon jaunt?

    Great goals – here’s to meeting each and every one with time and energy to spare!

  4. Apertome Says:

    Dave: Sarah and I are considering another trip to the Smokies during her spring break, although this one would be on a smaller scale. We’ll probably spend most or all of our time in Franklin, NC, assuming we go. This would probably mean road biking only this time around.

    I meant to link to Rivendell’s page about S240s. Basically you ride somewhere, camp there overnight and ride back the next day. I’d probably ride to one of our state forests.

    I’m not sure what short tour I might replace the Hilly with. I might not do that, if I get to do a longer tour at some other point.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hey Mr. I-can-only-road-ride-in-Franklin (oh, and hi Dave! Good to see you in these parts!):

    White Twister
    This trail is located about 20 miles south of Franklin. It is a 4.6 mile loop that is fast and offers a fair amount of climbs. The trail runs along a river for a good part of the ride and ends a few hundred yards down a dirt road from a beautiful waterfall. This will be on of the most fun short loops you can ride, and it can be ridden forwards or backwards to change things up.

    Coweeta Lab/Buckeye Branch
    These are two great local trails for people that don’t mind a little climbing. Both begin with a 3 mile climb and level out to ride along a ridge. Buckeye Branch then provides an awesome downhill that makes the ride worth it. Coweeta lab rolls along a little farther on its course providing 2 or 3 downhill runs to get you going. Both routes offer spectacular views and a bond with the “natural beauty” of Franklin.

  6. Apertome Says:

    Sarah: I know there are some mountain bike trails in Franklin, but I’m not sure I want to bring both bikes. We’ll see!

  7. Noah Says:

    I really like the sound of the S24o, but it’s too bad my wife isn’t up to it, as she’s still stuck riding less than 10 miles per ride. We usually go to Hillsdale Lake, which is maybe 30 miles from home. It’s basically the closest spot with overnight camping, but we like camping so much we try to go a few times per year. Maybe I should just have her meet me down there, but that would kind of eliminate the point. There’s no way I could carry all the stuff to support both of us.

    I wonder how park vehicle passes would work. It’s not like I can show up to the guard gate with a Trek 1200 and 80 pounds of stuff and they won’t know I’m planning to spend the night. Very interesting…

  8. Apertome Says:

    I’m not sure how things are in Kansas, but here in Indiana, state parks have gate fees, and separate camping fees if you’re doing that. I’ve heard they can be Nazis about making each cyclist pay the per-vehicle entrance fee. For the camping fee, I don’t think that’s per-vehicle but I’m not quite sure.

    Our state forests, on the other hand, are much more lenient. Entrance is free, and you put money in an envelope in a box to pay for your site. No gatekeeper. The campgrounds are more primitive than those in the state parks, but also usually more secluded and cheaper.

    All that said, my S24O trips will probably be solo.

  9. John Says:

    S20o’s are a great time. I do a few every summer. A 30 mile ride to Myles Standish State Forrest near Plymouth. Two of us are regulars, and we usually pick up a little something to “zig zag” through the evening. Very nice.

  10. Dave Says:

    Regarding taking two bikes to Franklin:
    Sarah’s trail descriptions sounded pretty cool. I’m just sayin’…

    Or, if you’re taking one, use the mountain bike on the road, eh?

    Okay, maybe not…

    On an unrelated note, Noah sounds like he resides/rides in Kansas. Just fyi: the loop at Wilson Lake State Park – right in the middle of the state – is a great ride. Technical, rocky, with good views of the lake. That little part of Kansas ain’t flat, and neither is that trail.

    Oh – hey Sarah…good to be here in these parts…

  11. Spoilsport T. Partypooper Says:

    Where’s “make some more music” on that list, hmmm????

    (I know it says cycling goals up there, but you said the thing about writing and photography.)


  12. Doug Says:

    Looks like a good list of goals to me. I can totally relate. Last June I went on my first ever S24O. I have tons of backpacking experience, but had never done an overnighter on the bike. I didn’t make any formal goals myself, but I do want to do some more S24O trips this year. I’m selling my road bike and hope to be getting a touring bike this spring.

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