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Even colder

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

This morning’s commute was even colder, with no degrees at all (0 Fahrenheit), although it wasn’t windy like it was yesterday morning, so not as bad. I was a little more comfortable than yesterday since I removed the inner liner jacket. But I was still too warm by the time I got to work. It’s tough to get things just right, but overall I’ve been surprised at how pleasant my cold commutes have been yesterday and today. I could use some goggles, though. I’d need some that fit over my glasses.

The roads are still in pretty good shape, since nothing has had a chance to melt and then re-freeze. Even the bike path is decent, it has a layer of snow on it but it’s fluffy, not sticky, and my knobby tires grip the path under the snow fairly well. But with a high of 27 degrees today, I’m a little worried some of that will melt,  and then freeze overnight. I may have an icy ride to work tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Even colder”

  1. Jon Says:

    When I got home, yesterday, it was 33 degrees F. When I left, at 5:45 this morning, it was 33 degrees F. Hopefully our Denver warm-up is heading your way. (Supposed to be close to 60, on Saturday!)

  2. Noah Says:

    0 Degrees. Much colder and you’ll have my record beat (-3F).

    Year-round commuting just plain rocks.

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