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November recap

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

November was a low-mileage month for me, but I’m still riding, at least. I know it’ll get worse before it gets better, the main challenge for me being the dark. I don’t mind cold weather too much, but it’s really hard to be motivated to ride when I can’t see. I could use some better lights, but they’re just too expensive.

Miles ridden: 256.91
Road miles:  134.93
Commute miles:  57.58
Mountain biking miles:  56.50
Errand miles:  10.29
2007 total (as of today): 3422.63


One Response to “November recap”

  1. Noah, king of unethical roadside repairs Says:

    Don’t kick yourself. Tons of people hung their bikes up in late August or September and are sweating on their hamster wheels (err, spinner machines) if they’re doing anything resembling riding at all right now.

    DiNotte just had another huge website sale. Really, though… $170 for 3 hours of very suitable light (and 3 more hours for a scant $10 in AA rechargeable batteries) is a very, very good deal. I know. More bike stuff. Roll your eyes. Give in to the dark side. Literally. Mooohahahahahahaa!!!

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