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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Update: Sarah reminded me of a few things I forgot to mention before. I’ve added them at the end.

I don’t usually care for memes, but Schmutzie’s list of things of which she is suspicious (which I found via Squublog) was pretty interesting, and Sarah made a similar list. So, here are things of which I am suspicious (not really in any order):

  1. The government.
  2. Anarchy.
  3. Fluoridation. Anything you can’t opt out of makes me suspicious (see #1)
  4. Fruit in beer. Oddly, I’m OK with some fruit-flavored beers such as Abita Purple Haze and Oaken Barrel Razz Wheat — but God help you if bring me a beer with an orange slice in it.
  5. Decaf anything.
  6. Diet anything, although I actually drink diet sodas now. I’m still not convinced diet soda isn’t terrible for you, but it has helped me lose weight.
  7. Anyone driving while talking on a cell phone.
  8. Digital photography. I do it, and I love it, but I worry about the longevity of the images. You can still make prints with 100-year-old negatives, but will we be able to read DVD+Rs in 10, 20, 50, 100 years? What about JPEG? It uses patented technology — what if the company goes under or stops allowing JPEG reading/writing software to be written, or someday charges inordinate amounts of money for it? Actually this logic also applies to word processing files, spreadsheets, mp3s — really any digital media.
  9. The RIAA/MPAA.
  10. Microsoft.
  11. Apple.
  12. Religion.
  13. Moral relativism.
  14. Yippy little dogs.
  15. Cats.
  16. Memes.
  17. Processed cheese products, especially Velveeta. The stuff can be surprisingly good in certain contexts, but once they stopped pretending it should be refrigerated, I realized just how unnatural it must be. Yikes.
  18. Discount cards at supermarkets, etc. If I let you track what I buy, you’ll give me a discount? What?
  19. Disney World. You need to fingerprint me WHY? Please check your identity at the gate. You won’t be getting it back.
  20. Being asked to leave my backpack at the counter.
  21. Being asked to show the items I’ve JUST PURCHASED as I leave a store.

7 Responses to “Suspicions”

  1. Noah Says:

    I’m only suspicious of overly suspicious and paranoid people. 😛

    No, really. How can you be suspicious of both THE government, and NO government? It makes sense for a bit, until you realize that there’s really no middle ground between those two.

  2. Apertome Says:

    Interesting, Noah. I figured someone would call me on that. But the middle ground as I see it is to accept the government as a necessary evil and try to keep it as small and unobtrusive as possible. Limit its scope. This is something we’re doing very poorly right now.

  3. Marty Says:

    Great list – I can’t believe that I forgot Velveeta… BTW, you know that Van used to work for the company who owns the patent on .JPG images, right? They bought the company who had it and now make a majority of their income off of patent infringement lawsuits. Gotta love it. So, you should add to your list “The company which owns the patent for JPEG technologies and their litigious ways…”

    At Noah: I can see a middle ground, too – a government as defined by our Constitution, which say that the role of the federal government is to:
    1) Regulate interstate and international commerce and transportation
    2) Mediate intrastate conflicts, while preserving the federal rights instilled by the Bill of Rights (hence the Federal court system)
    3) Provide a military to protect the country.

    Our government has its fingers into too many things now, which is why it’s doing so poorly.

  4. Apertome Says:

    Haha, I forgot about Van’s old company’s connection to the JPEG issue. Thanks for the reminder, Marty.

    And good points about the Constitution … it’s time we dust off that old thing and put it back in use.

  5. furiousball Says:

    Yeah, definitely don’t trust my old employer, good call Marty.

  6. Dan Says:

    #21 is about mistrust, but not of you. The merchants do that to check their cashiers. (Also why some places offer a cash prize to the customer that doesn’t get a receipt.) Must be nice to work in such a trusting environment.

  7. MRMacrum Says:

    Seems there was not much that did not make your list. Add in children and clowns and I think it might just be complete.

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