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Monday, November 12th, 2007


I have not ridden very much at all in the past couple of weeks. A number of factors have combined to prevent me from riding, including the weather, darkness, illness, and laziness. I did a night mountain biking ride with Dave last week that was a lot of fun, but I got sick after that. I missed out on what would have been a fantastic day for riding on Saturday and fortunately did ride yesterday morning. I tried to ride relatively early as all forecasts I read said there was more of a chance for rain later in the day. Naturally, it started raining as I prepared to ride and stopped shortly after I returned home. It was gorgeous the rest of the day and even sunny for a while. Sarah and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and took some photos around downtown Bloomington.

I am still trying to figure out how to deal with the darkness. It seems weird, but I don’t mind mountain biking in the dark as much as I do road riding. I think I need to spend some more time (and probably money) dealing with the lighting situation. I tend to prepare several lights before I go mountain biking in the dark, and less time preparing for road riding. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Or maybe I just need some brighter lights.

At this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to do as much riding in the coming months. I hope to ride year-round to some extent, but I know I’ll be fitting in a lot less mileage. Sarah and I have decided to try joining a gym to see if we can stay in shape through the winter.


Sarah and I spent a little while taking photos in downtown Bloomington yesterday. We had talked about doing some sort of photography and ended up just walking about a block down an alley after we had lunch. I wanted to use the rest of the film in my old (1930s or ’40s) Kodak Retina and once I did so we headed back.  I tried some Ilford XP2 Super film in the Retina. This is one of those B&W films that can be processed in a color lab. I think the shots turned out pretty well. When I scanned the negatives and made a few adjustments, I was getting this lofi retro look that’s just perfect for this old camera. If I wanted to I could make these look more pristine (and in fact the prints do), but I opted to keep the low-contrast, old-fashioned look and even the false color in a few shots.

The Retina is quite an interesting camera. It doesn’t even have a light meter. For now, I use another camera for metering, but I hope to get better at judging exposure without a meter. Also, you can’t see the effects of focusing through the viewfinder. Instead, you have to guess how far (in meters) you are from where you want to focus. Another challenge is that the viewfinder does not show exactly what will be in the photo, and I have not yet figured out how to compensate for that.

Here are a few photos. Some are from yesterday, and some are from the shooting we did on October 27.

Monroe County Courthouse

Weird false color

The Video Saloon

Old Barn

McKinney Cemetery

A row of gravestones

The cemetery, with hills in the background


Vista in Jackson-Washington State Forest

Jackson-Washington State Forest

Me (taken by Sarah)

5 Responses to “Atrophy”

  1. furiousball Says:

    great shots, the cemetery is very cool. i like the shot of the barn and the spaced trees to the left

    i’ve got a similar conundrum with the cold weather approaching. how do i stay in shape? i’ve always been ok with running in the cold, which is what i plan on doing this year again. but i’m going to augment that with some ice skating

  2. Gina Says:

    I love your shots! I especially like the cemetery shots and the one of the bench. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Noah Says:

    I like the retro shots. I have several olde cameras, but my favorite is an 1940’s era Japanese-made spy camera ,, the Steky III, that uses 16mm film. I run modern Ilford Delta 400 through it, which I develop myself in the bathroom with Kodak HC-110, which is one of my favorite B&W developers. Extremely versatile and fun to play with at different temperatures and development times.

    I have two Steky IIIs. Here’s a picture of the one I use most often. I haven’t shot anything really good with it lately, but here are a few that I liked:
    My cat drinking from a glass
    Some engine work

  4. Dan Says:

    I love B&W photography. I went through a lot of Tri-X back in high school. Digital B&W is really disappointing after messing with film and paper in the darkroom for hours and hours. The digital shots don’t look as ‘rich’ (whatever that means)

    I also like courthouse shots, since I used to work in the Tippecanoe County building. Click the link for a tour:


  5. John Says:

    We will all be riding a little or a lot less over the next few months. That means our camera’s will get less use also.
    The winter will be only a memory soon enough.

    Maybe I should wait till winter arrives before I sing it’s swan song.

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