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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I woke up this morning to find that it was raining. I had seen rain in the forecast the night before and prepared my old mountain bike for commuting, so I rode to work despite the conditions — or perhaps in part because of them.

By the time I started riding, the rain had subsided. I rode through the dark hazy morning, a constant cool mist falling gently on my face, and on the streets still shiny and wet from the earlier rain. It would have been easy to drive to work today because of the weather, but I was glad I rode instead. I especially needed this ride to clear my mind a bit after a stressful day yesterday.

The leaves are really changing now and there were quite a few of them on the bike path. They looked particularly colorful soaked in rain. The mood was one of quiet elegance, the subdued beauty in sharp contrast with the brighter summery colors we were seeing even just last week. I had a great ride in to work and got some strange looks as I walked in, clearly questioning my sanity for riding in conditions such as these. I questioned the saneness of riding to work too, when I would have much preferred to ride home, get Sarah and her bike and ride to a lake, staring out at the fog hovering over the water and letting the refreshing mist fall on our faces while we contemplate what might be on the other side.

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