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Great day for commuting by bicycle

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Everything just fell into place this morning for my commute. I was moving a little slowly at first, but I got ready quickly. It helped that I had already prepared most of my stuff last night. I had both panniers today since I needed to bring a gift for a coworker whose wife is having a baby. We actually had a shower at work yesterday, but I forgot the gift at home. This is typical; I am pretty forgetful.

I got outside and was greeted with a beautiful morning with cool, crisp air. It almost felt like fall. Our heat wave finally broke and while it’s still supposed to be 80 degrees today, it was around 60 this morning. It was perfect riding weather and I finally feel fall is almost here — it’s still felt like summer up until now.

This was my first ride with my new wheel, a Shimano wheel with a 105 hub. It was a little hard to tell how much difference it’ll make because it’s a short ride and I had extra weight on the back. It seems pretty responsive though and I even accidentally did a little wheelie sprinting across the Bypass. Again, it could just be the extra weight on the back, but I was surprised how well my pedal strokes translated into power. I’ll give the new wheel a proper shakedown ride tonight, hopefully 25 miles or so.

The rest of the ride was smooth as glass as I rode through a residential area and then glided through IU’s campus, in tune with the rhythms of the pedestrians and other traffic. Students walk into the street without paying any attention to where they’re going and change speed or direction without warning, but I watched far ahead and planned my path, adjusting my line and my speed based on each student’s walking pace. I slipped mostly unnoticed between them. My timing was such that there were no cars at most of the stop signs when I arrived, so I didn’t even have to slow down.

I arrived at work on time, feeling alert and sporting a sly grin. I shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun before work.

3 Responses to “Great day for commuting by bicycle”

  1. Christy Says:

    A wheelie! Sounds like a good ride into work. Love the sly grin descriptor. If only my route to work were less than 10 miles and without hectic highways.

  2. Noah Says:

    The only reason I have a job is because it makes a good excuse for 30 miles a day on the bike. 🙂

    My job is just the 8 hours between bike rides.

  3. furiousball Says:

    Tomorrow I’m riding in, I was so beat from the airportery to do so this morn.

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