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An old friend

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Jon Grinder has an interesting post on his Two Wheels blog about the old mountain bike he’s using for commuting. His is a late 80s-early 90s Jamis Diablo. He has added fenders and a rack and attaches panniers to it.

This got me thinking about my old (1993-94 maybe) GT Timberline, which I am turning into a foul weather commuter/around town beater bike. I put slick tires on it and added fenders and a rack. Here are a few photos. I guess I should have taken a photo with the pannier on the bike (yes, I usually only use one pannier).


Those are the stock handlebars. I can’t find ones like that now, so it’s a good thing these are still in decent shape.



It still needs work. The shifting is messed up by the rear derailleur. I have a blinky light to put on the rear and need a light for the front. I want to get some new pedals. I may put knobbies back on it or get some studded tires this winter. I haven’t ridden this bike that much recently, because I ride my Giant OCR2 most of the time. But I have a feeling this will be my main ride through much of the winter.

I’ve had this bike since high school. It’s been with me for many miles on roads and trails. It was my main transportation at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. I took it to Austin, TX where I didn’t ride it that much there, unfortunately. Later, we moved back to the Chicago area and finally back to Bloomington, IN where I first got it. And I’m sure it’ll take me many more miles. The bike shop that sold it to me went out of business, but the bike is still going strong.

In its natural environment

2 Responses to “An old friend”

  1. Jon Says:

    That’s a great bike. The Scott AT3 bar (or is it the GT-branded copy?) is very cool. I used the closed-loop AT4 for years.

    If you continue to have shifting problems, I solved all of the shifting problems that the Jamis could possibly come up with by converting it to fixed gear.



  2. Doug Says:

    My only rideable bike for many yeas was my 1988 Specialized Rockhopper. I started to use it for commuting in 1992 and added a rack, fenders and slick tires. After moving to northern Minnesota in 2001 and selling my truck, it became my sole means of transportation. Later, after being another commuter bike, it got delegated to winter snow and ice duty. And now it’s my Xtracycle. These old steel mountain bikes make great all around commuter machines. Glad to see you are putting yours back into use.

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