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Getting away

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Sarah and I leave tonight for our vacation to the Smokies and North Carolina. We’ve been planning this for some time, and it’s hard to believe it’s finally happening. This will be my first paid vacation ever, and you can bet that I’ll take an occasional moment while standing on top of a mountain to remind myself, “I’m getting paid for this!”

We really need this. Neither of us has had a real vacation in … well, really, since we were kids. It’s about time. I can’t wait to scale up the rock face of a mountain, or plunge into whitewater rapids, or sit in a gazebo overlooking the mountains and stare into Sarah’s eyes until I forget the mountains are even there. To go mountain biking in some real mountains. To get lost on some shitty gravel road that my car wasn’t built to drive on in the first place. To find out how long it takes to boil water at 6,000 feet.

We’ll take thousands of photos, and while we won’t be able to blog while we’re gone, but instead, we’ll try our hand at putting pen to paper and actually writing. My handwriting is awful, and I can type faster than I can write, but I’m hoping that that tactile connection will have its own charms, and the fact that we can write anywhere we go is appealing. I normally don’t even try to write unless I’m sitting at a computer, and let me tell you, I won’t miss sitting at a computer. It’ll be difficult to transcribe our thoughts when we return, but a worthwhile endeavor.

I was going to go into detail about our plans, but it doesn’t really matter what our plans are. The point is, we’ll be getting away from our jobs, school, family, friends … everyone we know, for a time. It will be just us, and it’ll be our world.

9 Responses to “Getting away”

  1. John Says:

    I can’t relate to your not having a vacation. I have been a union worker all my life and have never had less than three weeks a year. (paid). But your on the road now. Maybe 6 or 7 weeks/year is in your future. 8>)

  2. i, squub Says:

    I get a lot of paid time off but I never seem to go on vacation. Especially not this year.

    At any rate, I’m jealous. Sounds awesome, hope you guys get a lot out of this.

    And watch out for those 4 foot long mosquitoes. Those buggers HURT.

  3. furiousball Says:

    what is this writing thing you speak of?

    i say you stare at Sarah really silly like for a little bit…like this

  4. Robert Says:

    Have a good time!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hmm, maybe Van is on to something. Suspenders are sexy …

  6. Marty Says:

    Scary picture – I assure you, leering like that will be bad … very bad.

    If you happen to make it to the coast of NC, let me know. We’ll be down Saturday to Saturday, and you’d be welcome to stay. You have the email.

  7. James Fellrath Says:

    Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Too bad yours had to wait so long. Enjoy!

  8. dkeifer Says:

    Have FUN! Camping is the best.

  9. MRMacrum Says:

    Nice. Have a blast.

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