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Not as bad as I expected

Friday, August 10th, 2007

I went for a ride last night, even though it was extremely hot and muggy. I did the Water Works ride, with a twist: I did the loop portion in reverse, taking Moore’s Creek over to Handy Road first, instead of going back that way. This left me with less of a downhill, but a more difficult and longer (better?) climb.

It was hot, but I was lucky and had a tailwind for part of the ride. Sometimes, I forget how much a tailwind can help me ride faster, since I don’t often get them. It also helped keep me cool. Of course, it meant a headwind on my way back, but even that made me feel a bit cooler. I saw some deer, first a pair of does, then a doe and two fawns. I waved at them as I rode by.

I’m still trying to get my Brooks saddle adjusted how I want it. I can’t seem to get it lined up right, it’s either too far to the left or two far to the right. I’m also unsure about fore/aft position and the angle of the nose. I might need to take it into an LBS and get some help, because it’s getting frustrating.

It was fun doing the loop in the opposite direction I’ve been doing it in lately, especially remembering when the road was all frozen over back in February/March. I didn’t take any photos this time, but here it is back in March.

Do you think this road is closed?
Moore’s Creek Road, frozen over (from March)

I misjudged the time, and it was getting dark on my way home. I really should have brought my lights. I’m going to need to start taking them with me more in general as the days get shorter.

I’m glad I braved the heat and went riding anyway. I had a good ride, and while it was hot, I handled the heat pretty well. I think getting the initial motivation to ride is harder than actually riding in the heat sometimes.

I rode a bit over 23 miles, passed 1,800 miles on the road bike, and *almost* hit 2,000 miles of total cycling so far this year. I would have hit the 2,000 miles on my commute this morning, except I ended up having to drive to take care of some family business.

3 Responses to “Not as bad as I expected”

  1. Robert Says:

    Sounds like a good ride. I’ve found that riding in hot weather feels like doubling the miles. That is to say a 25 mile ride in 90+ weather feels like a 50 mile ride in 60+ weather.

    As for the Brooks, I’ve had the best luck with mine all the way back and slightly tilted up. YMMV of course.

  2. Dan Says:

    The cold weather seems so long ago.

  3. John Says:

    Riding in the heat is ok till you stop. Then the perspiring begins.
    I removed my first Brooks from my bike and kept it in the box for over a year. A B67. Then I bought a 17 and it feels good on the road bike. The 67 is now on my commuter and also is a good fit.

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