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It’s HOT; running some errands

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Well, we were pretty lucky last month and it wasn’t too hot. Unfortunately, we’re paying now, as it’s been in the 90s and humid. I think I’m getting acclimated fairly well, really, but I’ve always had a lot more trouble dealing with heat than with cold. I overheat easily, and heat tends to leave me feeling crummy.

However, the riding I’ve been doing helps me deal with heat better. The more I am out in the heat anyway, the better I’m able to handle it. That doesn’t mean I’m comfortable, but it does get a little easier. Still, it is harder to be motivated to ride when it’s hot outside.

I had some fun yesterday running some errands after work for Sarah’s birthday. I had tried to get her a gift the day before, but failed, so I had to do it at the absolute last minute. First, I went to J.L. Waters and got Sarah some trekking poles. I wanted to get her something that’d be useful for our upcoming vacation.

Some guy was checking out my bike when I came out of J.L. Waters. I started getting ready to go, figuring he’d either say something or go away, but he did neither. He just stared at my bike. I think he was intrigued by the Brooks saddle and the rack/pannier setup.

I put the poles in my Banjo Brothers waterproof pannier, with the ends sticking up, and strapped them down the best I could with the built-in strap. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with these panniers — I was unable to pull the strap as tight as I wanted. The buckle came undone if I pulled it too tight. I got it to hold, but I was a little worried about it. Still, a $40 waterproof pannier is bound to have some weakness, and this is one that’ll be easy to deal with if I just get some extra straps for those times when I want to carry more stuff.

After that, I attempted to go to a florist, but found instead a Sprint store. I should have known this, as I’ve actually been to that Sprint store before, but I was hoping they were simply near each other. Apparently, the florist either moved or went out of business a few years ago. Instead, I went to Marsh (a grocery store) and locked my bike there. I took the trekking poles in with me so nobody could steal them, and got some flowers. The florist put a plastic bag over the tops of the flowers so I wouldn’t damage them on my ride home. She was very helpful and accommodating. I had more trouble with the strap on my pannier as I put first the trekking poles, and then the flowers in there and tried to strap them down.

It was a pretty neat feeling riding home with a gift and some flowers for Sarah. I got some smiles as I passed pedestrians who saw the flowers sticking out of my pannier. It felt old-fashioned, in a charming way, to be carrying these things I had chosen home to my honey on my bicycle. I actually thought about carrying the flowers in one hand, and maybe I should have. I would’ve been able to literally smell the flowers on my way home. Still, I grinned proudly that I had these flowers and someone wonderful to whom to give them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to wrap things, and my pannier became a grab bag when I got home. Sarah was very cool about my lack of preparedness. I think she could see that I really was trying, and I felt bad that I hadn’t been more prepared. Still, I vowed to do better next year.

The whole outing also has me wanting to run more errands on my bicycle!

5 Responses to “It’s HOT; running some errands”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Your panniers were quite pretty. Feel like running some errands, eh? I could get used to this. I’d like you to return some books to the library and grab me a grande no-whip strawberries and creme frappucino. Thanks.

    Seriously though, thanks for another perfect. 🙂

  2. Revrunner Says:

    Actually, I was thinking of the odd image you must have presented to the folks in the grocery store as you appeared in the aisles with your trekking poles. 🙂

    Strange people, we cyclists. Don’t you think?

  3. john Says:

    Thanks for the notes. The most loving thing we do for our pets is often the most difficult.
    He was ready.

  4. Marty Says:

    Hey – it’s the effort that makes the most of it, and I’m sure she was appreciative.

    BTW, I am really struggling with your captcha – I can’t see the code nor the box to input the values. Usually, entering my comment twice works, but lately it’s not…

  5. Marty Says:

    Wow – that was a lot of work. I had to actually use Firebug to find the code, change your HTML to make the input box visible and then enter it… but I appreciate the challenge!

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