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July recap

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

First of all, it’s Sarah’s birthday today! She is 23 years old. Head over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

July was a pretty good month for me cycling-wise — I rode a total of 425.19 miles, the most I’ve ridden in any month so far. The funny thing is, it didn’t even feel like I rode that much. However, I did do my longest ride to date (56.6 miles), which took me through Morgan-Monroe State Forest and Mahalasville. I only went mountain biking once on singletrack trail (18 miles), and once on the Bloomington Rail-Trail with Sarah and my family.

Also, Sarah and I did a lot of camping, hiking, and canoeing in July. This cut into cycling somewhat, but it’s great to do more things outdoors that we both enjoy (we went cycling a couple of times together, too), and those things can exercise different muscles and more importantly, result in a wide variety of exciting experiences. I also posted 214 photos to Flickr.

In August, Sarah and I are going on vacation to the Smokies and North Carolina. We hope to do more hiking, camping, and canoeing, visit one of my best friends from college, go white water rafting, mine rubies, stay in a cabin with a mountain view, go mountain biking in real mountains, ride part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, see more waterfalls, watch the sun rise, get lost (getting found is optional), take a few thousand photos, and fall even more deeply in love than we are now (it never seems possible, but it keeps happening).

One Response to “July recap”

  1. Marty Says:

    To me, it’s not a bad compromise to say, “Well, my mileage was down on the bike because all of the hiking I was doing.” It’s like getting bonus carbon credits or a box of 0-calorie Boston Creme donuts. I envy all of the camping you’ve done, but I’ve been enjoying all of the pictures. I just need to get you a field guide for the birds you see … you know, so I can indoctrinate another bird geek into the club (I tried with Van, it didn’t take).

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