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Bloomington Rails To Trails

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Last night, Sarah and I rode the Bloomington Rail-Trail with Avery (my nine-year-old nephew) and my mom. We called them on a whim and asked if anyone was interested in going. They both came, although unfortunately, my sister didn’t.

Avery had ridden the Clear Creek Trail a few times before, which is a paved path near the Rail-Trail. When we told him we would be riding on the unpaved, rocky/gravel trail, he got really excited. He thought that was super cool (and it is). It’s nowhere near a mountain biking trail, being very flat and straight, and mostly smooth. It also has fine gravel along most of it. It goes through some cool areas by woods, by a couple of farms, and follows Clear Creek, but it also goes past a few less-desireable features, including some kind of retained body of water that stinks. I’m not sure what that is.

Everyone had a blast, and I took some photos. I was impressed with how well Avery and my mom did, because I’m not sure either of them has ridden off the road before. Some highlights were riding through gaps with rocky cliffs on either side, a deer running across the trail just a little bit in front of Avery, wildflowers lining the trail, crossing the creek on the 1887 Harris Ford Bridge, going under State Road 37, and above all, a lot of smiles.

Avery speeding down the Rail-Trail

Mom and Sarah crossing Clear Creek on the bridge

Sarah as she should be — surrounded by wildflowers

Avery and me at the end of the trail

Avery, clearing a rock garden

I took Avery’s bike for a spin when we got back to mom’s

Just goofing around!

3 Responses to “Bloomington Rails To Trails”

  1. Revrunner Says:

    Nice pics of you and your nephew. Looks like the trail was a lot of fun.

  2. MRMacrum Says:

    Very cool trails. I can understand Avery’s excitement. It is so much fun watching kids enjoy themselves.

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