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Showing up for work without any clothes

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Based on the title, you’re probably guessing this post is about some Freudian nightmare about being naked at work. Not quite, but keep reading …

I woke up feeling particularly crappy this morning. I wanted nothing more than to work from home, or better yet, punt completely and play hooky. So it was with a bit of pride that I dragged my sorry ass out of bed anyway, showered, loaded my pannier (including a few extra items to help deal with the forecasted rain), and rode to work.

It was muggy outside, and a little misty. The mist felt good on my face, having a cooling effect. It did a little bit to offset the mugginess. It was a little foggy, not enough for me to get a good picture, but enough to make things just a little bit prettier.

I arrived at work, parked my bicycle outside by the recycling area door, and walked through the building to bring my bike inside. I said hello to a few people along the way, as I usually do, brought my bike in and opened the pannier.

As I moved a few items to get my change of clothes out, I realized I had left my change of clothes sitting on the dining room table at home! I muttered a few profanities, walked to my desk, grabbed my notebook, and informed the other developer that I was going to ride back home, and that I was going to stay there for the rest of the day.

5 Responses to “Showing up for work without any clothes”

  1. John Says:

    I don’t know if things would work out very well if I worked from home. Too much temptaion to blow off the work. Although it’s not like I don’t do that in the office too.

  2. Pete Says:

    I’ve never forgotten the entire outfit, but there’s been several times I’ve forgotten socks and/or underwear. To the point that I now keep a clean set in my desk drawer. Maybe I should add a shirt and pants to the stockpile.

  3. furiousball Says:

    I think you should have completed the dream and stripped off everything and then worked nude all day.

  4. Marty Says:

    Sometimes karma just works out for you – your body was saying that you should stay home, but you pushed through. So you get the marks for showing up even not feeling well, but got to go home and be comfortable while working.

    As for me, I’ve run into something similar twice. Once, when working for MBNA (aka “The Firm”), I wore my workout clothes into work and brought my real clothes in my bag. Unfortunately, work clothes – which meant shirt, tie and at least khakis – in this case was sans pants. Luckily, I had a pair of jeans in my bag, so at least I had something to wear. I got more than a few comments about how my dress was inappropriate for the workplace and had to explain the reason, which was only somewhat acceptable. The other was my last job – the same thing, except all I had was a pair of khaki shorts and sandals, so that’s what I wore for the day. Luckily, GSI was a lot more reasonable – I got a few jibes but no one really made a big deal about it.

  5. James Says:

    Hey, I did that once. Now I keep a backup outfit in my file cabinet just in case.

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