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Keeping Cool

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

When I opened the front door to ride to work this morning, I was greeted with a blast of hot air. I had to remind myself that it feels cooler once I start riding and air is passing over me. During my ride, I was thinking about all the different ways I try to keep cool. Maybe some of these will help someone else. I’d love for people to add to the list, too.

Ways to keep cool:

Don’t wear cotton.
Cotton clothes hold moisture, so when you sweat, they get waterlogged and stick to your skin. It also takes forever to dry. Wear as little cotton as possible, especially shirts. Polyester is good and wicks moisture, pulling it away from your skin so it can evaporate. I’ve found that wearing non-cotton work clothes as well (with no undershirt, as those are cotton) helps me cool down faster.

Take your time.
Don’t ride too fast. You’ll work up more of a sweat. Also, take your time changing your clothes so you can cool down a bit in the process, and if you have more than one place where you can change clothes, choose the coolest place. Don’t schedule any meetings first thing in the morning so you can cool down first.

Clean yourself.
Wash your face, or wipe it with a wet paper towel or a wet wipe after you get to work. It’ll keep you clean and cool. Have an extra stick of deodorant to use once you arrive at work.

Drink something cold.
Even if you aren’t thirsty, bring cold water and drink some during your ride. It’ll help you feel a little cooler. I put my water bottle in the refrigerator in the morning and get it out right before I leave in the evening. In the morning, try drinking your coffee iced instead of hot. I have a mug that fits in my second water bottle cage, and I bring iced coffee to work every morning.

6 Responses to “Keeping Cool”

  1. furiousball Says:

    No Pants.
    This will also prevent cars from riding too close to you as well as other riders. The liberating feeling of having your ass in the air and shaking it like you just don’t care will make you the highlight of all passer-bys days!

  2. Apertome Says:

    Damn, I knew I’d forgotten something obvious. Thanks for correcting that oversight, Van.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Van — don’t encourage that! It will just make everyone else hotter!

  4. Pete Says:

    Great tips. I wish I didn’t hate iced coffee…

  5. i, squub Says:

    You missed some good ones. This is how I do it:

    Drive your car to work, keeping the A/C in the car on as cold as it’ll get.

    Don’t go to the office at all, work at home. Keep the A/C in the house on as cold as it’ll get.

    Beat the heat: shun the sun. Hide in the basement.

  6. Marty Says:

    LOL at furiousball … yeah, I’d stay away from you!

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