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Shilo Road and Lake Griffy

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

I told Sarah last night that I need to figure out some new biking routes. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about cycling last week, and my rides over the weekend were good, but during the week, I basically do one of two routes almost every time I ride. I looked at some maps before I left to ride last night, but didn’t exactly settle on a route. I usually try to have a plan, but I decided to wing it this time.

I’m glad I did, because I had a really great ride, and I feel I should play it by ear more often. Part of what I like about bicycling in the first place is the sense of adventure it can give you — but that can get undermined by riding the same routes too much. Here’s a Bikely Route of my ride last night. The elevation profile is worth a look, too (Show menu -> Elevation Profile). You can see that the ride was basically in a figure 8 pattern.

My ride took me down one of the more notorious hills in this area, up some tough climbs on Shilo Road, by the Butler Winery, near Lake Lemon (but not close enough to actually see it), then west, by Lake Griffy, the IU stadium and part of campus, and then home. I saw two deer and three wild turkeys. I tried to get my camera out to photograph the turkeys, but they were a little alarmed that I was so close. One of them jerked his head up and looked at me, and his snood (the flap of skin under the beak) wobbled around. It was about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Then, all three wild turkeys flew very awkwardly across the street to another field.

I only took a few photos, as I was a little pressed for time and I more or less just felt like riding. There are some things I’d like to photograph sometime, such as the winery and Lake Griffy. I had a really fun ride and want to do more exploratory rides in the future. This ride also made me realize that it would be relatively easy to make a route that goes to both Lake Lemon and Lake Griffy. Hell, I could probably throw in a trip to Lake Monroe, too. It would end up being a fairly long ride, but three lakes in one ride sounds nice to me.

Beanblossom Creek
Beanblossom Creek as seen from Shilo Road

Shilo Road Bridge
Shilo Road

4 Responses to “Shilo Road and Lake Griffy”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Nice photos. Too bad you didn’t get any pictures of the turkeys. I’d like to see some snood wobbling!

  2. furiousball Says:

    Now I know what a snood is. I’m going to use that word in a meeting I have in 7 minutes, it’s with a bunch of DBAs.

  3. Jett Says:

    You never know with DBAs. Sometimes they surprise you with what they know. Interested to know how the snood conversation proceeded.

    Variety is the spice of life. It is fun to explore roads you’ve never been down and to find different ways to get to a particular destination. I really enjoy the moment when you recognize where you are after having gotten completely turned around.

    Our Sunday rides are often this way. After riding around Atlanta — both on bike and in a car — for 29 years now, I still come across roads and intersections I had never encountered before. Our rides are frequently “voted” upon — as we ride — to suit the moods of the participants, and thus take us in directions new to many of the group. Sometimes we find a hill we want to avoid or a busy stretch of narrow highway, but always we’re connecting dots. Sometimes I think we intentionally get ourselves turned around so we can figure out how to get back home.

    Thanks for sharing the route. I may not ride it, but I still like being able to relate the photos to a place on the map.

  4. Marty Says:

    That looks like some beautiful country there – I can see the attraction for you. And that bikely interface is very cool – nice integration of mapping software.

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