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Riding Home on 45

Friday, May 11th, 2007

I rode last night, intending to ride Mount Gilead Road and considering tacking on a quick extension down to Lake Lemon. I thought about taking Tunnel Road down to the Riddle Point Park area, a private park that isn’t too far from State Road 45, where I would be anyway.

After riding the Mount Gilead Road part, I turned onto Tunnel Road and rode a bit on that. However, I changed my mind and turned onto South Shore Drive instead of following Tunnel to the park. South Shore goes right by the lake, even going across the lake for part of it (it has a causeway). I didn’t plan on riding all the way across the lake, but once I got started, there weren’t really any good places to get back to the highway. Well, that and I was just having too much fun, and the lake is really beautiful.

I stopped and took some photos, hoping to make a couple of panoramic images. The first one didn’t turn out that well, as I couldn’t get some of the power lines and road stripes to line up, and the difference in waves on part of the water are very apparent. However, I’m going to post it anyway, as it gives you a bit of an idea what it feels like riding across the lake.

lake lemon1
Part of the view as you ride across Lake Lemon

This train trestle can be seen in the above photo, but I thought it deserved its own panoramic shot

Another shot of the causeway across Lake Lemon

I had ridden across the causeway before, but it had been a while, and I went across in the opposite direction before. This area is actually not as far by bicycle as I realized, I’ll have to ride there more often.

The way back was a little grueling, as State Road 45 climbs for approximately forever as it goes through part of Yellowwood State Forest. In fact, a couple of times it levels out or even sends you downhill a little bit, but almost immediately starts climbing again. I’d probably do better to go the opposite direction, taking 45 out and South Shore back. I’d still have a big climb, but it wouldn’t be drawn out over such a long distance.

I had some Richard Buckner song in my head through much of the ride. I am not sure which song. Sarah and I have listened to a lot of Richard Buckner while driving through that area. He has some song with a line “… that stretch of 99 / that’s claimed so many lives / one of them was mine.” That line always sticks with me for some reason, even if the hope is for a safe journey.

Unionville Post Office

Sarah and I love this little post office. I wish I had taken a better photo, but I wanted to take this for her because we’ve talking about photographing it for a while. We have also talked about photographing post offices as a matter of habit, because a lot of towns around here have interesting post offices. I think you can learn a lot about a town from its post office.

I said something to Sarah about “riding home on 45” when I was telling her about my ride, and she thought that sounded like a song title. Maybe someday, it will be.

Here’s a Bikely Route of my ride. It was a bit over 26 miles. When I got home, Sarah had her delicious white chili waiting … oh my god, that stuff is delicious.

5 Responses to “Riding Home on 45”

  1. John Says:

    I just noticed on a note in my blog from Sarah that you recently quit smoking. I am a moderator of a support sight. http://www.quitsmokingjournals.com I am clayton
    If you ever need any encouragement, there is plenty there. And lots of drama, if you like to watch that. 8>)

  2. furiousball Says:

    I love the word trestle…it’s the bestle.

    Richard Buckner is great stuff BTW.

  3. Jett Says:

    It looks like you are having fun with the panoramas. It’s cool seeing water on both sides of the road. You get a feel for what it’s like to ride it with the panorama.

    I thought you might have posted the causeway picture so I wouldn’t feel bad about not finding the seams ;-).

    Thanks for the map. I like being able to place photos with their location geographically.

  4. Marty Says:

    Great shots – those panoramas really create a cool effect.

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