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Panorama attempts, cycling updates

Thursday, May 10th, 2007


It’s getting a little warm here, not too hot yet, but the humidity can be killer. Even in the morning when it’s only in the 60s or 70s, I work up more of a sweat than I should in the under-three-mile ride to work. If anyone wants to offer any tips for staying cool when biking in humid weather, I’d love to hear them.

IU has let out for the summer, so most of the students are gone. Bloomington is a very different town without the students — it’s much quieter and feels more like the small town that it is. The only real downside is that many businesses aren’t open as late when the students aren’t here, but that’s not a big deal.

Oh, and there’s more road construction, too, and some particular work has forced me to ride through campus on sidewalks for a small distance. The first day I discovered that road work, I ended up taking a route that went pretty far out of the way. Bloomington has something of a transportational black hole around campus. There are no through streets between 3rd and 10th streets, except 7th, which is where I normally ride … and you can’t drive through part of 7th, you can only walk or ride a bicycle. When I first discovered the construction, I ended up going south of 3rd Street, which was a completely stupid way to go. Now, I just ride through campus on sidewalks/paths. It’s legal, and there aren’t many pedestrians or other cyclists now that the students are gone. It’s also pretty. No complaints here.

I rode the Water Works ride the other day and saw more cyclists in that ride than I ever have. I was pretty surprised, figuring that with the students gone, there would be fewer people riding. I guess the beautiful weather brought out more cyclists than were lost when IU classes let out. I think I saw one of the Bloomington Bicycle Club guys riding the other way, but the sun was in my eyes, and it was hard to see.

Panoramic Photos

During our hike at Yellowwood State Forest on Sunday, I tried to do some panoramic photos, inspired by the ones Jett posts on his Atlanta Intown Cycling Blog. My camera doesn’t have a panorama assist mode, but I tried using a program called PTgui to perform the “stitching.” It seems like a good program, it messed up a bit on one of them, but I think that’s probably my fault.

Yellowwood Lake
Yellowwood Lake – A great place for a picnic.

Sarah on Scarce o' Fat Trail
Sarah on the Scarce o’ Fat trail

Scarce o' Fat decision point
Decisions, decisions …

The last one is where we followed our instincts and went to the right, then second-guessed ourselves and went back and took the left side, and then had to go back again and go right like we started to do in the first place. It was also right near there that we saw the snake.

3 Responses to “Panorama attempts, cycling updates”

  1. furiousball Says:

    Hey that’s cool, I especially like it’s panoramaness

  2. Marty Says:

    Beautiful set of shots – I might have to try to do some of those. They’re really effective.

  3. Jett Says:

    I’ve got some competition now! This is Good Stuff. It makes me want to roll down the hill and into the lake.

    I was looking at the highest resolution images and I still can’t find the seams.

    Staying cool when it’s warm & humid: I try to ride earlier in the day, but I still sweat. I have found that the better shape I’m in, the less over-heated I get, but I still sweat. I’m lucky that once I get off the bike, there’s a windy spot just outside the building where I can sit for a few minutes and cool down quickly.

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