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This week’s rides

Friday, May 4th, 2007

My commutes this week have been fantastic, especially in the mornings. It’s mostly been cool most mornings, with some sunny and some overcast days, and it just feels great to ride. One day this week, I even woke up in a good mood (that never happens).

Motorists have been pretty courteous, and I’ve ridden at a different pace each day depending on my mood. Sometimes, it’s nice to take my time, and others, I feel like riding harder. I always try to keep from riding too hard, though, so I don’t work up too much of a sweat. That’s getting more and more difficult as it gets warmer, especially with the high humidity we have here. I also had a commute home in the rain that was not bad at all — sure, I was wet when I got home, but my bike works in the rain, and so do my legs.

I haven’t driven to work in well over a month, and it feels great. A few times, I’ve thought about driving, but those were fleeting thoughts. I really see no reason to drive, unless it’s raining in the morning. I don’t mind getting wet on the way home, but I don’t want to show up at work drenched. So I’ve worked from home at a couple of opportune times when I might have otherwise driven because of rain. I need to find a long-term solution to this, which may simply mean putting a towel in my pannier.

My mileage is a bit low this week because of the rain we’ve had, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of road rides. I also messed around with my new digital point & shoot camera that I got specifically to take on hikes, bike rides, etc — complete with a warranty that covers accidental damage. Taking a cue from A Midnight Rider, I signed up for a PhotoBucket account and made a “remix” with some of my photos from last night’s ride on Mount Gilead Rd. I also used the Flock Web browser to help do a batch upload — it was very slick, allowing me to take images right out of my camera, rotate/crop if needed, and upload a bunch at once. It also supports Flickr. The “remix” is basically a slideshow set to music, but unfortunately, you can only pick from certain songs they have available. Anyway, check it out below, assuming this works at all.

5 Responses to “This week’s rides”

  1. furiousball Says:

    That remix thing is cool! I plan on riding to work after the separation, I think some miles with just me and my head will be good for me.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I think that slideshow is awesome I was kinda skeptical at first but it turned out really nicely. I don’t even mind the music. I really like that old barn, and that picture of you. You should post a photo of you on your blog. Too bad there isn’t any space for it …

  3. John Says:

    The photobucket remix is pretty nice. But the selection of music is not very good. I am trying to work out how to do a slideshow thing using youtube. That way I have enough of a music selection to match the show.

    I can’t play the photobucket show at work but will certainly view it at home this evening.

    BTW Up and at’em at 5AM tomorrow for the drive to NYC. I’m like a clam at high tide excited.

  4. The Parson Says:

    Thanks for the info about PhotoBucket! I’ve also been wondering how that was done. I don’t often take lots of pictures. But when I do, that looks like it could be the perfect solution.

  5. Marty Says:

    I agree, that slideshow thing was pretty cool – I’m a Flickr addict, but that’s a pretty compelling bit of coolness.

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