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Bicycles and jump ropes

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

There are quite a few families who live in my apartment complex, some with kids. Our sidewalks and extra parking spaces are routinely littered with bicycles and jump ropes. Two girls, Hungjen and Indigo, are often riding their bikes around the parking lot and sidewalks. It’s too bad there isn’t a better place for them to play, but it’s good to see kids playing outdoors a lot. They also really like Rob — any time they see us walking him, they yell “Robbie!!!” and come over to pet and hug him.

Last night, as I rode by on my bike at the beginning of a ride, Indigo saw me and shouted very enthusiastically, “I LIKE TO RIDE MY BIKE!” I responded the only way I could, a resounding “ME TOO!”

That interchange got me thinking — it’s too bad adults aren’t prone to outbursts like that. I’d love it if any time I met someone, they enthusiastically told me “I love playing guitar!” or “My favorite sport is baseball!” or even “I have a real passion for accounting!”

It also reminded me that one thing I love about cycling is the way it lets me feel like a kid. Unfortunately, given our culture, where adults are expect to act all serious, I don’t feel I should go around telling people at work who ask me why I commute by bicycle that I do it for fun. For some reason, it’s unprofessional to have fun. What’s up with that?

6 Responses to “Bicycles and jump ropes”

  1. furiousball Says:

    Amen! I had a buddy back in Atlanta that would celebrate those little victories with the same zeal. I remember pouring him a Sprite once and he said, “Fuck, I love Sprite!”

    I remember him saying, “Jesus Christ this brownie fucking rocks!”

    I am a manager now at my day job and I am silly all day long. I’ve got a couple of people that report to me that were very unhappy and having issues with getting projects done. My playfulness and just flatly asking the question about what gets them excited to be at work is really turning them around.

  2. John Says:

    RYN about stiring the pot. You say soccer and football. We say footie and American style football. There was no American style football when I was growing up. The area was all English, Irish and Scott. It transformed to Portuguese and Brazilian. Now it’s again transforming to Latin American.

  3. Ed W Says:

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell them it’s FUN or the roads will be clogged with cyclists!

  4. Marty Says:

    I don\’t know – I say things like that all of the time. Of course, my wife does look at me funny when I do. I\’ll just blame the ADD, and smile inwardly, I guess.

  5. Soup Says:

    It’s an extremely worthwhile habit to develop. People honestly attribute magical and/or spiritual qualities to you and it’s basically healthy for mind, heart and body.
    Early in my longer-distance cycling career I went out and rode hard and my “automatic grimace of working hard” led to a sunburned-to-a-blister inside lower lip. I retrained my grimace to more of a grin. Now people think I am happy all the time… the nastier the weather or the harder I’m working, the “happier” I look! And even when it is, essentially, a bold-faced lie that I don’t even know I’m telling… people see it and it lifts their spirits. Twice I’ve come to work and it was lingering there on my face and someone has walked by and broken into spontaneous chuckling. I swear it wasn’t my zipper undone – it wasn’t that kind of chuckle 😉

  6. john Says:

    Re: The note you wrote in my blog titled Buddy Guy. My neighbor Joey and I did the same ride as two weeks ago. The East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island. It’s a 27 mile route, plus any side trips. I didn’t snap the first picture till the 19 mile mark. That’s when I held the camera in my right hand and just randomly clicked things that I saw as only semi interesting. Very vanilla type stuff.

    I was really surprised when I looked at some of the shots. You just never know.

    The slide show is a photobucket.com option. I simply drag photos into the template, choose a song from their list and click ok. The whole process is around 5 minutes. Got to love the technology lately.

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