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Frayed pants

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

I did a spur-of-the-moment road ride last night, the Mount Gilead Road route that I often do. It had rained a bit during the day, and the roads were still wet, which was actually a good thing — I need more practice riding on wet roads. Traction was surprisingly good.

It was an uneventful ride, except that I hurried somewhat, since I knew it would be getting dark, and averaged 16 miles per hour on this 13.5-mile ride. That’s pretty good, especially since I didn’t ride all weekend; I was feeling a little sluggish due to a lack of riding. Also, on my way back, I saw Dave driving the other way (toward his house). Later, I saw that Dave had called me and left a message calling me a “stud” for riding in the rain, even though it wasn’t raining at the time.

My commute this morning was a little different than usual. First of all, I forgot the velcro zip tie that I normally use to keep my right pants leg from getting shredded on the chain rings, so — you guessed it — my right pants leg got shredded on the chain rings. It’s a good thing I don’t ride in my work clothes.

Also, the students are back from spring break, although I really didn’t have any problems. There was a little more traffic, but it wasn’t bad. It probably helps that I went through campus around 8:25, when students are probably either still asleep or already in their 8:00 classes.

When I got to work, I left my bike outside and walked through the publications department to the storage room to get my bike, and one of the ladies there said that it’s inspiring seeing me walk by every day and knowing I’d ridden my bike there. She said it was a good reminder to get out and exercise, and that she’s started running every day.

I think that’s pretty damn cool, that in my modest, under-three-mile bicycle commute, I inadvertently helped encourage someone to exercise more. Maybe someone will see her running and figure it’s a good idea to go for a hike, or take their kids to a park instead of sitting them down with their Xbox.

4 Responses to “Frayed pants”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Dave’s right — you are a stud. Oh, and you know what Rob just told me? He’s tired of his Xbox and he wants to go the park!

  2. furiousball Says:

    So you still think they’re not tights? I mean you’ve got some guy calling you a stud now.

  3. Apertome Says:

    If I wore “tights,” I wouldn’t have any need for a zip tie to keep the pants out of the chain ring.

  4. Jett Says:

    I used to have a Velcro zip tie, but after years of use, the elasticity failed and I started rolling up my pants leg. I will admit however, that if you don’t roll them up carefully, they’ll come down and get caught. I guess there has to be some pain if the lesson is to be remembered.

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