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Last weekend

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Friday and I still haven’t written about the photography or bike rides from last weekend.

On Saturday, Sarah and I went to Lake Monroe to spend some time outside and take some photos. I took some infrared photos, which I hadn’t done for a while, and they turned out pretty well. Overall, the Paynetown area of Lake Monroe doesn’t provide the greatest photo opportunities, but it felt great to be outside, and it was warm and sunny.

Water on mars
This looks like water on Mars to me …

Parking lines
Lake and parking lot in infrared.

The water level was very high, to the point where parts of some docks and beaches were under water.

These stairs went right down into the water.

On Sunday, we went back to an area we’d been to before and shot some abandoned buildings. There were inhabited neighboring buildings nearby, but we’re getting a little more confident. Nobody bothered us.

Abandoned House II
An abandoned house from Sunday’s outing.

Abandoned House I
The other abandoned house, in Infrared

After that, we drove around for a while, eventually ending up in a small town called Coveyville. I would’ve liked to have checked it out more than we did, although sometimes it’s good to do a cursory overview first, and then go back later and try to fill in some of the details. When we do go back, I want to go to the Covey Cemetery, and I think there might be another one there. We checked out Donica Church, but it wasn’t the small, quaint, old building we were hoping to see. I stopped at a fork in the road at the top of a hill to get some shots, since there was a good view.

View from the fork in the road.

Haunted land
Haunted land.

I road about 21 miles on the road on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s ride was in two parts: first, a test of the commute route I had planned … all went smoothly. The second was out Russell Road to State Road 45, which I then took further out and took Mount Gilead Road back. I’ve ridden Mt. Gilead many times before, but I went in the opposite direction this time. The huge hill was even more impossible in this direction, and I had to walk part of the way. You can see this route on Bikely.

Sunday’s ride was out Smith Road to Snoddy Road like I’ve been doing, but then I went out Rhorer to Harrell to Handy, and eventually ended up by the Monroe County Water Purification Plant, which I didn’t even know was there. I encountered a weird redneck hippy guy who asked me for directions. I attempted to help him, but probably wasn’t too helpful. Then, I went down a big hill and found a park and some boat docks I didn’t know existed. This was a cool ride, and I definitely need to explore that area more. View the route on Bikely.

4 Responses to “Last weekend”

  1. Marty Says:

    Sweet shots – particularly like some of your IR shots. Are you doing true IR or faking it outside of the camera?

  2. Apertome Says:

    It’s the real deal. I’m not a big fan of digital attempts at imitating things like IR, cross-processing, etc. I use a Hoya R72, although I’d like to experiment with some other IR filters as well.

    I’m still honing my processing techniques; looking back, some levels/curves adjustments could help these shots. I usually let Bibble do auto-levels during RAW processing, but I forget that after the other stuff I do, I really need to double-check the levels.

    I have dabbled in IR photography since last spring. I have a set on Flickr of my infrared photography.

  3. furiousball Says:

    This is freaking crazy good buddy. I’m no photographer, but these shots are really beautiful.

  4. publicenergy Says:

    Lovely set of photos. It’s good to find another cycling infrared photographer on the Internet – what are the odds! 🙂

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