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Moore’s Creek Road, Part II

Monday, March 5th, 2007

I did a 22.3-mile road ride yesterday. I decided to take the same route as last time, hoping that the thick ice that was there before had thawed.

I took Smith Road out, as before, and I still like riding on this road a lot. It’s mostly straight, but the hills are fun and a great workout. There isn’t usually a whole lot of traffic, and the cars that are there mostly know to expect bikes and are pretty courteous. It’s also a pretty, semi-rural road, one of those strange areas that feels a lot more remote than it actually is; a country road within minutes of the mall.

I stopped at a place on Snoddy Road where I remembered wanting to take some photos last time, and took a few minutes to shoot.
Fences, horses, road
Rolling hills on Snoddy Road.

This is sort of how I envisioned the shot, but it’s not quite right. I’ll need to take a better camera out there sometime. I like those rugged fences, and the lines created by them, and the horse at the edge of the frame. While I was shooting, the horses got curious about what I was up to and came over to check me out.

Somebody please bathe this horse.

Moore’s Creek Road was in similar shape compared to how it was last week, but I did snap some photos this time.

Looking up the hill on Moore’s Creek Road from about halfway up.

When I approached the section of road that was frozen last weekend, I saw a guy standing by a parked minivan taking a photo and knew I wouldn’t be able to ride that section of road. Once I turned the corner, I could see that it had indeed thawed, but now was merely flooded. I talked to the guy a little bit, who claimed to be “originally from Terre Haute” (Indiana), but he had a thick accent and even said “ja” at one point. Later, he said he was from Austria. I told him about some other scenic places in the area; I wonder if he checked any of them out. I forgot to take a photo of the spot with the flooding, but here’s how it looked last week, once it froze over:

Do you think this road is closed?
Do you think this road is closed? I mean, seriously, it’s just a suggestion, right?

After I backtracked to the intersection with Snoddy Road, I checked out some other roads in the area, to see what was there and where they went. So I took Rhorer Road to Harrell Road, which was a fun one to ride on, with more rolling hills.

Rolling hills
Harrell Road

From there, I’m a little sketchy on the details, but I ended up on the same road where I had to turn around before due to the flooding. So now I know where that one comes out. By the time I’d explored part of that, I headed home. Along the way, I decided to ride through my old neighborhood where I grew up, since I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

It was a great ride. I need to get to know my way around that area better. All the roads there are pretty fun to ride on, but I should plan some routes so I have a better idea where I’m going. It’d also help to bring the GPS — I need to order a second handlebar mount for that so I can have one on each bike.

Since Van requested it, I posted a rough version of this route. I didn’t use gmaps-pedometer because it won’t let me import a .gpx file, which I can export from my mapping software. Instead, I used bikely.com, which does allow .gpx import. Here’s the route on bikely.com. That site doesn’t connect the dots via roads like my other software does, so it’s not exact, but you can get the basic idea.

3 Responses to “Moore’s Creek Road, Part II”

  1. furiousball Says:

    Great shots. I need to take my camera along with me on my next ride, that way we can compare how filthy our horses are here in Jersey compared to your dirty Indiana horseys.

  2. Bud Buckley Says:

    Fun ride and terrific shots. I love the horse all furry and full of mud from rolling. I realize you think it’s ridiculous as I live in a place that is rarely below 70 but I hate riding in wind of any kind. Riding in the cold is my worst nightmare. It’s just a deep psychological problem I have. Otherwise, I’m very well adjusted. As long as I’m warm.

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