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Moore’s Creek

Monday, February 26th, 2007

I did a road ride on Saturday. I felt like taking a new route, so I rode out Smith Road to Snoddy Road (yes, that’s really what it’s called), and took that to Moore’s Creek Road. It was warmer than it has been, but still only in the lower 40s, and it was quite windy. I made sure to wear a bunch of layers, and was actually pretty warm — except for my left foot again (argh!), and my wrists were cold where there was a small gap between my gloves and the sleeves on my jacket.

I’m still trying to adjust to my road bike, and road riding in general, so I have been extra cautious, especially with all the salt/sand still on the roads. I also need to learn how much traction those tires provide, and how they react to different road conditions. There were also patches of ice here and there, with which I had to contend.

I really liked the route I took, as it had a lot of rolling hills, but not many really big climbs, and some parts of the ride had some fun winding roads. I’m in terrible shape, but I can see that once I’m in better shape, those rolling hills will be even more fun, since I’ll be able to better use momentum to carry me through the climbs.

As I was riding on Moore’s Creek Road toward a state recreation area, I rode down a big hill and then around a turn and saw that the road in front of me was covered in two-inch thick ice! I put on the brakes and (thankfully) stopped before I reached the ice. There were “Road Closed” and “High water” signs, although in this case it was high ice, not high water. I took a few photos, turned around, and went home.

I wish I had taken a few more photos, but it’s sort of a pain to get my point & shoot film camera out of the bag on my bike, which is just one of the ones that hangs from your saddle. Ultimately, I want to put a rack on the back of the bike and a trunk on it, so I could hopefully bring more stuff, and access it more easily. I especially want a shot on the way back on Snoddy Road, from this one spot where you can see hills rolling into the distance.

All told, I rode about 14 miles in around a little over an hour. 14 miles seems to be the standard length of a ride for me right now, although I certainly hope my rides will get longer over time (and as the weather improves).

Once I get my film back, I’ll post some, if they turn out well. I still have to use the rest of the roll first.

3 Responses to “Moore’s Creek”

  1. furiousball Says:

    You should post the Gmaps pedometer router if you can of one of your routes. Actually what would be cool is if there was a way to geo tag your photos somehow. I need to do a ride this weekend, I keep having it postponed due to sick kids and migrained wives…there’s just one wife…jesus, that would suck …what if you were a polygamist and you had multiple wives with migraines…

  2. Sarah Says:

    I’ve always been a firm believer that men shouldn’t cheat on women simply because one woman is hard enough to handle. Who needs two?

  3. furiousball Says:

    “Handling” a woman is similar to the secret to safe driving on icy roads…it just doesn’t happen, but you better go along with it carefully, and not disagree with the road…at all.

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