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Our new dog Rob, and some rides

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

We got a dog! Sarah and I had been thinking about getting a dog for some time. So far, we’d avoided actually looking at any, because it’s very hard to look and not get one. Well, on Saturday, we saw a poster from a the shelter at one of our favorite restaurants with pictures of available dogs on it. We skirted the issue of whether to go to the shelter, and ultimately decided to go.

We weren’t necessarily planning to get a dog, but after looking at all of the dogs and spending some time with Rob, a laid back brownish orange mutt, we decided to take him home. Sarah mostly picked him out, I wasn’t that impressed with him while he was in his cage, but she said we should get him out.  Once we started hanging out with him, he turned out to be really cool.

Rob II
Our new dog, Rob

They tell us that Rob is a labrador retriever/hound mix. Who knows if that’s really true, but he’s a great find. Very affectionate, friendly, and so far very well-behaved. He’s 2 1/2 years old and housebroken and knows “sit.” Really the only mischievous thing he’s done so far was to gather a bunch of our shoes together on the couch with him while we were gone. He didn’t chew on them at all. Tomorrow will be the true test, as he’ll be home alone from about 8:30-5:30.

Rob has incredibly deep brown eyes

On Saturday, Dave and I tried to ride on the trails at Brown County, but the 3-4 inches or so of snow was too much — we couldn’t get enough traction. We started riding, and our bikes were fishtailing all over the place. We didn’t get far at all before turning back — we just didn’t have much control. There were a couple of tire tracks there already, and if the snow had been more packed, we would’ve been able to ride. But it just wasn’t working.

Instead, we rode on the roads in the park. This was better than nothing, but it was really cold and the air was cutting right through us. Also, Brown County is extremely hilly, to the point where we were pretty much climbing all the way to Hesitation Point, and going downhill almost the whole way back. It made for a lot of climbing and a very short, very cold ride back. Still, I’m glad we rode.

Today was warmer, so I decided to do a proper road ride. This was the first real ride on my road bike, which I’ve been dying to ride. It was pretty great. I set out at around 2:00 this afternoon, at which time it was 34 degrees. I took State Road 45 to Mount Gilead Rd., and rode that until it looped back around to 45, taking the highway home. I went 13.7 miles at an average speed of 14.5 mph — pretty good for me at this fitness level.

The new bike has a really smooth ride, and it’s so much more lightweight and efficient than my mountain bike — I can really feel the power being transferred directly to the road. I’m not 100% sure if the stem length/angle are right. I had them put a fixed stem on instead of the adjustable one that was on there — in hindsight, maybe I should’ve stuck with the adjustable one long enough to make sure everything was right.

The shifting is buttery-smooth for the most part, there were a few hiccups, but nothing major. It’s a lot slicker than the drivetrain on my mountain bike. I had some trouble at times with the shifters since I had thick gloves on and it was hard to push the smaller lever.

I want to plan out some other road routes in the near future. That’s one thing I can do while the weather is crappy that’ll get my psyched to ride more, and then when I get a good opportunity, I can pick a route and ride it. Some routes I want to do are to/past Lake Monroe (Paynetown and across the Causeway), out Smith Road to Snoddy Road and to another part of the lake there, to Brown County State Park from my apartment (that one will have a lot of killer hills), out SR 135, and countless others. It’ll be fun to plan some routes.

3 Responses to “Our new dog Rob, and some rides”

  1. furiousball Says:

    Rob looks just like Chuck (blurbomat and Dooce’s dog)! He does have a very sweet face. My Great Pyrennes, Juliette used to do that when I left the house, she’d gather up her toys and some of my shoes and sleep with them. It’s sweet, but also made for an adventure when I needed to get ready in a hurry

  2. Bud Buckley Says:

    That dog is adorable! How cool to get one with manners and toilet training! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna go well with Rob. I can’t believe what a weather wimp I am. It is rarely below 65 here but even when it’s in the seventies, if there is a wind, I really lose interest fast in bike riding. But the Y is very close and they have well over a hundred cardio machines. Gives me time to listen to my iPod anyway. Biking in the snow?? Not even when I was a kid!

  3. Marty Says:

    Great-looking dog – and it’s funny, because I was thinking the same thing that Van said (re: Chuck). I hope that he offers you up all of the happiness and none of the hair-pulling that owning two Golden Retrievers (including one with some … um, mental defects) brings.

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