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In a haze

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

I haven’t updated in a while, but I’m still around. There simply hasn’t been much to write about. The weather has been terrible — it has been raining almost constantly since late last week. Sarah and I have been on a bad movie kick, which we are really enjoying.

I thought about writing reviews of the awful movies we’ve watched, but I don’t think I could ever do justice to atrocities such as Contaminated Man, Storm Catcher, Troll, or Troll 2. Troll 2 is easily the worst of the bunch, but Contaminated Man remains my favorite.

Other than those things, not much has been going on. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or something like it. I always get depressed during the winter, and this winter has been no exception. I’m still having trouble adjusting to work, avoiding smoking is still hard, I hate that I can’t get outside to exercise, and I’m generally feeling like a slug. It even seems like lately, it’s been nice outside during the week, then raining on the weekends, further contributing to my frustration.

Sarah and I had an argument on Saturday night. As usual, it started out with something stupid — I’m not even sure what anymore. It ended with me riding my bike to the gas station in the rain in the middle of the night, drunk, to buy cigarettes. That was a real act of brilliance. I smoked two cigarettes, and about 4 drags of one on Sunday, and I haven’t touched them since then. Sometimes, avoiding smoking is easier, but sometimes, it isn’t. And even now, 4+ months after quitting, I really don’t feel like myself. Even when I’m not having nicotine cravings, I’m a moody bastard with a short temper. That really isn’t like me. I’ve got to figure out how to get myself back, without going back to the nicotine. The temper part especially has to go.

Sarah and I went for a drive on Sunday to Brown County State Park. Even though it was cold and raining, it was great to be out of the house and spending time together somewhere closer to nature. We took a few photos. Most didn’t turn out, but a few did. Some of the ones that did really captured the mood of that day, which is pretty close to the mood I’ve been in general lately.

In a haze
I’ve taken numerous photos of Hesitation Point, but none quite like this. The fog is beautiful, and I like the reds and muted green colors.

Rain vision
Intentionally blurry shot of the road/trees/etc.

Minimalism in nature?

Bob Jones Band again; road ride

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Sarah and I went to see Bob Jones Band again last night at the Pine Room Tavern in Nashville, IN. We went to CVS beforehand so I could get some prints made of some of the photos I took of the band. I brought my camera, but ended up leaving it in the car because the lighting was pretty crappy in there, and I didn’t really want another round of lame flash photos.

Bob Jones saw us come in and waved. The band sounded good, although their pedal steel player was missing. I’m not sure whether he’s usually part of the band or not. I figured they’d take a break after a while, since they did last time, and sure enough, they did.  I went over to talk to Bob Jones and give him copies of the photos.

Bob Jones said he was glad we came, and opened the envelope to see the photos. I explained that there was a CD in there as well, and tried to explain that my camera is a digital one, so there was no film, just the CD, and he had no idea what to do with it. That’s OK. That’s what prints are for. He had a lot of fun looking through the photos and at several points made exclamations to the other band members about various shots. They all seemed pretty impressed.

Actually, I was quite flattered. The guys in the band and their ladyfriends seemed damned impressed with my shots. I really didn’t think they were that great; I’m not good at flash photography, and all I have is the flash that’s built into my camera, so there are lots of hard shadows and other problems. But they didn’t seem to mind any of that. I guess I did get some good shots of their facial expressions and playing, which is what is most important, but I really feel like the flash just sucks most of the atmosphere and character out of the shots.

If anything, maybe they were too impressed. Dean (?), the bassist, apparently has a son who is getting married soon, and they asked if I’d ever done wedding photography. I explained that this is just a hobby for me, but they told me I’m way too talented just to do it as a hobby. It seems like they want to hire me take photos at Dean’s son’s wedding. Which is really cool in theory, but I have no idea how to do that sort of thing, never having done it before. I really don’t know if I think it would be awesome or if I’d just feel terribly out of my element.

This is something I need to think about, because Bob has my phone number — he had put the paper I wrote it on inside his guitar the last time I gave it to him, and I wrote it on the envelope these photos were in; I believe Dean’s girlfriend/wife/whatever copied it down, too. So I expect a call from them, and I have no idea what to say. I might be willing to do it, but only if they are completely clear about the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing in that context, and the results may or may not be great.

Dave and I did another road ride yesterday. We did a bit of a different route from what we’ve done before, going from his house and along State Road 45, but not taking Lanam Ridge Road. Instead, we stayed on 45, which took us down some great hills, reaching a top speed of 35.5 mph. Then, instead of taking South Shore Dr. back, we turned onto County Line Road, which is actually a gravel road.

There were a couple of tough climbs on County Line Road, but nothing as hard as the last climb we usually do back up to Dave’s house. It was pretty cool to circumvent that killer climb, and instead do the last portion of the ride downhill. We only went about 12.7 miles overall, but it was a fun ride. Sometime I’d like to do the Lanam Ridge route, but then take County Line from there to avoid the climb back to Dave’s house. This would also add a few miles to our usual ride, probably putting it around the 18-20 mile mark. That’d be a pretty good ride.

I really kicked some ass, doing very well on the climbs and keeping my speed up overall. I think Dave was pretty impressed. Somehow, I’m better at road riding than mountain biking. I guess it’s just because I’ve done more of it. This really makes me want to get a road bike soon.

Bob Jones Band

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

I’m a little late in writing about this, but on New Year’s Eve, Sarah and I went to see the Bob Jones Band at the Putter Park in Ellettsville. Bob Jones owns what was once the Honey Jones Trading Post, which Sarah and I photographed on one of our outings (Read her post about that experience, or read my post about some of the photos). At that time, he invited us to come out to this show, and take some photos, since they have an album coming out soon.

Bob Jones saw us before the show, and it took him a minute to figure out where we were, but he remembered. I guess it’s hard to place someone who you caught taking photos on your property — I’ll give him that. “I’ve seen you somewhere before,” he said. “Oh! at my house!”

Anyway, we showed up at the show, and I brought my camera. I used to take photos of (mostly metal) concerts when I was in college, so I have some experience at this, but the lighting was far from ideal at the Putter Park (yes, it’s a miniature golf course/bar). There were just a couple of dim lights over the band. I told Bob Jones that the lighting was poor and that I’d have to use a flash, and he said I could do whatever I wanted … heck, even come play with the band!

Tearing it up
Bob Jones Fiddlin’

Bob Jones plays the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar — or at least, those are the instruments he played that night. I don’t know if he plays other things or not. He also sings. The band plays country, folk, rock, blues and bluegrass music, some covers and some originals. They played one original song Bob Jones wrote about when he was in the Monroe County Jail and nobody would come bail him out. I couldn’t make out many of the lyrics, unfortunately.
Fiddlin' with wire hanger
Bob Jones Fiddlin’ — with a wire hanger! Also notice the enthusiastic bassist. He looked like that all night, I’m not sure why he plays if it makes him so miserable.

The rest of the band consisted of a bassist, drummer, electric guitarist, and another guy who played pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, and harmonica.
Pedal Steel player
Pedal Steel Guitar

Guitar solo
Guitar solo


Blues song


Pedal Steel
Pedal steel guitar before the show

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