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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Sarah and I had a pretty damn good weekend. It wasn’t perfect, as I felt like crap for a good portion of the weekend, but we made the most of it. That’s one thing I’ve been trying work on — doing the things I want to do despite not feeling well or it being dark outside, or having cold weather, rain, snow, etc. Those things can all be a hindrance, but a lot of things are still possible despite those poor conditions.

On Saturday morning, Dave and I went riding on the frozen trails at Brown County — read about our ride here.

Yesterday, it finally snowed. This was the first significant snow of the winter; we didn’t get a ton of snow, but at least a couple of inches. I felt pretty crappy in the morning, but after sleeping late, taking some Excedrin and eating some lunch, I felt better.

I like snow. It can certainly be a pain from a practical standpoint, but I think it’s really beautiful, and it can be a lot of fun to play in it. That last part isn’t something I’ve done much since becoming an adult, but I think it would still be fun. We debated what to do and decided to go for a drive and try to do some photography.

I was a little nervous about the conditions of the country roads, but the ones we drove on were all in good shape. It helped that it was just barely cold enough for the snow to stick — I think for the most part, the roads were just warm enough that the snow had trouble sticking to them. That, combined with the sand/salt on the roads, was enough to keep them clear.

We went to Lake Lemon, which looked really beautiful. In addition to the snow, there was also some fog, so everything was shrouded in white. Neither Sarah nor I have much experience taking photos in the snow, but we both did pretty well, and it was good practice. Exposure can get pretty tricky, and I still need to learn more. I’ll post a few photos below, but you can see all of my photos here, or see Sarah’s photos here.

Curved trees reflected in Lake Lemon.

Minimal snow painting.

On our way back to town, things were just beautiful. More fog was developing, and, as Sarah put it, “it was so pretty that we stopped the car in the middle of the road on a two-line road, put on the hazard lights and stomped through a field to take these photos.”
Road fading into the fog
Country road. This is Indiana State Road 45 — some of my bike rides go this way.

Sarah in the snow
One of my better portraits of Sarah. Her eyes look particularly good in this shot.

Trees shrouded by fog and snow, barely visible against an overcast sky, in a Rothkoesque composition.

After that, we drove to Lake Monroe. Sometimes, when we’re out driving around, I just feel compelled to keep driving until it gets dark. This was one of those times. We wanted to take in as much of this as we could. It was a bit dark by the time we got to Lake Monroe, so this shot (and some others on my flickr page) I did using my tripod.

Winding road
Causeway over Lake Monroe.

5 Responses to “Snowtography”

  1. furiousball Says:

    These shots are beautiful amigo. I especially admired how you didn’t get any shots of yellow snow in there.

    The curved trees in lake lemon is my new wallpaper.

  2. Bud Buckley Says:

    There’s little good I can say about sow. That’s why I move from NY to Florida, after all. BUT your photos are certainly one good thing aboout snow. They are stunning. I’m a very positive person but if i had to live up north again for some reason, I’d have a mighty struggle staying up in the winter time. So I commend you for making the best of it.

  3. Apertome Says:

    Thanks for those kind words.

    Of course, my attitude about snow is always like this early in the season. By the end of the winter, the novelty wears off and it becomes a hassle. I’m not sure if that’ll even happen this winter, given how mild it has been. It’s also a lot easier for me to appreciate the snow this year, since walking isn’t my main form of transportation.

  4. Marty Says:

    Really like the Minimal Snow Painting. We finally got some snow spat at us from Mother Nature, but it’s been fast coming and going. Oh well, I’m a summer guy anyway…

  5. Apertome Says:

    Thanks, Marty. I’m much more of a summer person as well, but I’m trying to make the most of this winter, with varying degrees of success …

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