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Bob Jones Band

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

I’m a little late in writing about this, but on New Year’s Eve, Sarah and I went to see the Bob Jones Band at the Putter Park in Ellettsville. Bob Jones owns what was once the Honey Jones Trading Post, which Sarah and I photographed on one of our outings (Read her post about that experience, or read my post about some of the photos). At that time, he invited us to come out to this show, and take some photos, since they have an album coming out soon.

Bob Jones saw us before the show, and it took him a minute to figure out where we were, but he remembered. I guess it’s hard to place someone who you caught taking photos on your property — I’ll give him that. “I’ve seen you somewhere before,” he said. “Oh! at my house!”

Anyway, we showed up at the show, and I brought my camera. I used to take photos of (mostly metal) concerts when I was in college, so I have some experience at this, but the lighting was far from ideal at the Putter Park (yes, it’s a miniature golf course/bar). There were just a couple of dim lights over the band. I told Bob Jones that the lighting was poor and that I’d have to use a flash, and he said I could do whatever I wanted … heck, even come play with the band!

Tearing it up
Bob Jones Fiddlin’

Bob Jones plays the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar — or at least, those are the instruments he played that night. I don’t know if he plays other things or not. He also sings. The band plays country, folk, rock, blues and bluegrass music, some covers and some originals. They played one original song Bob Jones wrote about when he was in the Monroe County Jail and nobody would come bail him out. I couldn’t make out many of the lyrics, unfortunately.
Fiddlin' with wire hanger
Bob Jones Fiddlin’ — with a wire hanger! Also notice the enthusiastic bassist. He looked like that all night, I’m not sure why he plays if it makes him so miserable.

The rest of the band consisted of a bassist, drummer, electric guitarist, and another guy who played pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, and harmonica.
Pedal Steel player
Pedal Steel Guitar

Guitar solo
Guitar solo


Blues song


Pedal Steel
Pedal steel guitar before the show

3 Responses to “Bob Jones Band”

  1. Sarah Says:

    If I remember correctly from some local newspaper article, the Ballad of Bob Jones is really supposed to reflect the experience of his friend. Bob Jones attests that he has never been in jail.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention the quote of the night:

    Michael: There’s really not a lot of light in here …
    Bob Jones: Hmm, I suppose a flashlight wouldn’t help, would it?

  2. i, squub Says:

    This is all so many awesome.

  3. furiousball Says:

    Is that guitarist Beavis grown up? Also that drummer’s head band is fucking awesome.

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