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Christmas redux

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Christmas was kind of a mixed bag this year. The whole holiday season has been pretty difficult since both of my grandparents died last year, and Grandpa’s death was just two days before Christmas, so we were all very much aware of what we had been dealing with a year ago.

Sarah spent this Christmas with her family. I am truly glad that she was able to do that, things have been very strained with her mother, and Sarah hasn’t been able to spend much time at home because of it. It’s particularly important that she get to spend time with her grandfather, whose health isn’t great. So on those levels, I’m extremely happy that Sarah got to go home — but I’ve missed her a lot.

I went to mom’s on Christmas Eve for dinner and spent the night there. I helped my sister wrap some gifts, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun, because we are both horrible at wrapping things and made fun of each other as we attempted to wrap things.

My nephew (who is eight) jumped on me to wake me up Christmas morning around 7:00. Actually, he informed me, it was probably 7:01 by that time. Then he looked at a clock and announced that in fact, it was already 7:03! Geez, I sure slept in. We had fun opening gifts and hanging out, and I spent basically the whole day there.

Before I left, we watched some slides from when my sister and I were babies and from a trip we took out west back in 1988. I can’t believe it was really that long ago. My family has taken slide photos for many years (although not so much in recent years), and sometimes it’s fun to get out the slide projector and look through a few carousels together. It’s a lot cooler way to look at pictures than looking through a photo album; everyone can see the same picture at the same time and tell stories about them. Usually, everyone remembers something different. That made me want to do some slide photography in the future.

I had hoped to get a bike ride in over the weekend, but didn’t get to. Sunday would’ve been the ideal day for one, but I wasn’t feeling up for it. I thought I’d be able to ride in the afternoon on Christmas, but it was cold and rainy all day. I did ride a little bit on Saturday, although that was primarily for transportation purposes. This did afford me the opportunity to try out the slicks (road tires) I bought, a pair of Kenda Kwest tires (the 100 psi version). For riding around town, they’re fantastic. It’s amazing how much smoother and more efficient the ride is. I’m a little unsure how they’ll fare on gravel roads.

One Response to “Christmas redux”

  1. furiousBall Says:

    7:03…what were you thinking.

    Kids do seem to like the Christmas.

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