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North Tower Loop Pool Rewot Htron

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Dave and I rode the North Tower Loop tonight, and then rode it again, backwards. It really is a completely different trail going in the opposite direction. I have ridden it that way a number of times, but not enough that I always know what’s coming up next.

On the way back, we were approaching a dip in the ground, which was armored with some rocks. The idea is, you’re supposed to ride on the rocks. Well, unfortunately, I was going pretty fast and couldn’t see too well, and I missed the rocks. My front wheel went into the dip and got stuck, and I endoed (I was thrown over the handlebars, end over end). I dismounted my bike in a pretty interesting way — I don’t remember unclipping, but I must have, because I wasn’t stuck to the bike, and I basically jumped over the handlebars to avoid running into them. I landed pretty well, hit my right knee slightly, which now has a small scratch on it.

I enjoyed riding the North Tower Loop backwards. There’s more climbing that way, but some sections are just a lot of fun. I had a few moments like I’ve described previously where it almost felt like I was floating above the ground.

We rode about 9.5 miles in 1:35, averaging about 5.8 mph. Pretty good for a night ride half on less-familiar trail.

2 Responses to “North Tower Loop Pool Rewot Htron”

  1. Van Says:

    “endoed”…wow, I love that word. Last time I saw a really spectacular endoing was when I was riding my quad and another motorcycle rider rooster tailed over some barbed wire that was slightly buried in the sand. The wire came up over his back and nearly decapitated him (literally), he hit his front brakes and somehow, luckily the wire came off of his back tire and flung him about 20 feet in front of his own bike. That guy needed about 200 stitches to put him back together. If he wasn’t wearing a kidney belt and helmet I’d probably still be in counseling from witnessing that.

    Why wasn’t Dave videotaping you whilst you made your flight? You’d be a youtube star today!

  2. Apertome Says:

    Damn! That guy had it rough. Good thing indeed that he was wearing proper protective gear. I always cringe when I see people hitting the trails without helmets, especially kids. I can’t understand how any parent could be that irresponsible.

    Yeah, video would have been awesome. I’ve been wanting to try to rig up some kind of helmet cam … maybe I’ll figure out a way one of these days. You can get cameras specifically for that purpose, but they are expensive, whereas I am cheap. In this case, video at night wouldn’t have worked that well anyway …

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