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McCormick’s Creek

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Yesterday, Sarah and I went for a hike at McCormick’s Creek State Park. We hiked Trail 5, which goes to Wolf Cave. It’s about a 2-mile hike on a pretty smooth trail. We took some photos as we hiked.

We saw some cool mushrooms, a lot of tangled vines, some ferns and thorned plants, sink holes, and a lot of really neat moss. We also crossed the creek a few times, though I’m not sure if there were multiple creeks or if it curves a lot. There were even some … “Siamese Trees,” I guess you’d call them — two trees growing out of one trunk.
Unfortunately, it was a last-minute decision to go to the cave, so we weren’t really prepared. We didn’t bring any flashlights and weren’t really planning on getting wet. But there were a bunch of people in there anyway, and we would’ve had to crawl through it, which we didn’t feel like doing, so we didn’t go very far into the cave.

I’m posting rough versions of some of the photos in a new set on my Flickr page. Here are a few highlights:

Siamese Trees (not a great photo, but just a weird thing to see!)

Some weird mushrooms (I think) that I’d like to identify.

Mossy log


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  1. Van Says:

    Did you eat any of those mushrooms?

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