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Request for folk suggestions

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

I intended to make my post last night a request for suggestions for other folk music I should check out — possibly other things as well, such as blues, bluegrass, etc. I want to get into some local music to some extent, which would take me into bluegrass and country territory. I’m skeptical, especially of country music, but I am guessing that a certain amount of it will be necessary in this endeavor. Sarah has already ordered a Bill Monroe CD for me that includes the Brown County Breakdown, after which the mountain bike ride is named. Bill Monroe, the “father of bluegrass,” played mandolin and sang and lived in this area for some time.

4 Responses to “Request for folk suggestions”

  1. Van Says:

    Nickel Creek is newer stuff, but excellent musicians. David Wilcox is great folk stuff, guy is a phenomenal guitarist. John Gorka (Kingo likes this guy too) is great, kind of almost pop folk, but great song writter, very listenable.

  2. Van Says:

    oh, oh, I forgot – Sparklehorse! you will love ’em. very experimental rootsy music. not bluegrass, but like a weirder version of Wilco

  3. i, squub Says:

    I just thought about something while listening to some of this Califone. Have you listened to any Lyle Lovett? You might like some of his stuff. Especially maybe Joshua Judges Ruth.

  4. DaveX Says:

    The radio station I DJ at, WDBX-FM, is a not-for-profit station and has some great shows. I’d recommend you check out “Folk Fiasco” (10-noon CST Wednesdays) and “Special Folks” (same day, 8-10pm)… http://www.wdbx.org

    If you can’t hear them live, you can always use a program like StationRipper to schedule a rip of the webstream on your computer. That’s actually how I record my own shows, seeing as how I’m not home to do it myself, haha.

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