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Mount Gilead

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I didn’t get my bike back yet. The chain ring did come in yesterday, but not until about 5:00. The shop closes at 6, so it was too late for them to put it on. I would’ve just picked it up and done it myself, but with the Epic coming up on Sunday, I can’t afford any mistakes.

So, I did another road ride last night on my old bike. This time, I took 45 out to Mount Gilead Road, and came back on 45, for a total of about 14 miles. It took almost exactly an hour.

Mt. Gilead Road is a cool place to ride. It’s pretty hilly, and has a strong middle-of-nowhere feeling. In parts, all you see are farms. That’s one thing that is really cool about this area. I can be at the mall in 5 minutes, at work in 10-15, and in the middle of nowhere in 10 minutes. I saw a number of horses and cows on people’s farms — no deer, although it was too early to expect to see deer. I tend to say hi to the horses and moo at the cows as I pass. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that is. One young cow seemed pretty interested in my bike. On my way back along 45, there was a dude going the other way on a John Deere tractor. I waved to him, and he waved back, although in hindsight, perhaps I should have mooed.

In all this mountain biking, I sort of forgot how great road riding can be. It’s really cool to be able to cover so much ground so quickly, and sometimes you actually get better scenery when road riding. This is in part because you are able to look around more — you don’t have to focus all of your concentration on just staying on a trail. But covering more ground allows you to go to more varied places, and a lot of times, you just can’t see that much from a trail due to all the trees.

On the other hand, dealing with drivers is no fun. The majority of them are courteous, but many just don’t know what to do when they see a bike. Sometimes, they will hang back, afraid to pass until I wave them by. Of course, in that situation, I want to be sure that I can see far ahead before I tell them to pass, to be sure no one is coming from the opposite direction. In other cases, they are extremely impatient and pass me too close for comfort.

At any rate, I definitely want to get a road bike sometime.

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