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Thursday, September 28th, 2006

I broke my chain yesterday after riding only 3/4 mile at Wapehani. I tried to replace it myself, but screwed up somehow and ended up having someone install a new one. Oh well.

It was gorgeous all day, sunny, 70s, and Dave and I planned to ride at Brown County at 6 tonight. There was rain in the forecast, but no indication I could see that it would actually come. Well, just after we got there and got ready to ride, we saw some lightning and heard thunder, and it started raining a few minutes later. A guy named Jeff was riding around the parking lot a bit, trying to decide whether to ride.

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to ride in a thunderstorm, but the thunder was distant, and Jeff thought the storm would roll over in about 30 minutes. We decided to ride the parking lot connector up to the North Tower and decide then whether to continue.

We didn’t so much decide to continue as simply not stop; the end result is the same. It was really cool riding in the rain. I’ve done that some in the woods by my old house, but those trails are nothing like this. It was, of course, slick in spots, but overall, surprisingly doable. Seeing occasional flashes of lightning and the rumble of the thunder were admittedly very cool, and the extra light was welcome, too. It was fairly dark with Brown County’s dense canopy and thick clouds overhead.

After a while, the rain started letting up, and the sun came out! It was weird because it was still raining, but the sun was streaming in from the West, and you could see mist and raindrops illuminated by rays of sunshine. We stopped for a few minutes, and I noticed there was steam rising off my body! I snapped a couple of photos with my camera phone — I wanted to be able to show Sarah what it was like. The photos turned out pretty crappy, sadly. This one gives a good sense of approximately what I could see, though, as my glasses were covered in water and mud:

My camera’s vision is eerily similar to how mine was at the time

You can’t tell it’s raining too well aside from some glistening leaves

It’s suprising as you ride in the rain, you don’t even feel the mud being splattered all over your legs by the tires. You’re just wet in general. Also weird is that when we started going again after a brief break, we realized our seats had gotten wet while we were standing up. Maybe it’s better not to stop! That reminds me, something went wrong with my rear brake — it still works fine, but it doesn’t release properly. I guess I’ll have to take my bike to a shop for the second day in a row.

Jeff told us that DINO is doing a 24-hour race at Winona Lake this weekend, during the time I’d been hoping to ride there. He said the trails will still be open to the public, so I may go anyway, but it figures that there’d be people crawling everywhere when I happen to be in the area.

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