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Low key weekend / Brown County / Epic fears

Monday, September 25th, 2006

It was a pretty low key weekend. It rained Friday and Saturday, forcing Sarah and I to stay inside for most of it. It was really nice to sleep in, which we hadn’t really done for a while.

Today, there was a race at Brown County, so I was thinking about riding Nebo Ridge. I didn’t get up early enough to do it early in the day. Dave and Dan from work were going from 3-6 pm, but I didn’t want to do that, because it’s an hour or so away — which would have me gone from 2-7. That’s quite a bit … I almost changed my mind at the last minute, but it was really too late to go at that point, and it still would have had me gone for quite some time.

Instead, I ended up riding at Brown County. I rode all 3 trails, the first time I’ve ever done that in one day! The race ended at 1, and I got there around 4 … there were few people on the trails, especially for a Sunday. I suspect that the race, combined with how much it had rained, kept people away. No complaints here! I did run into some other riders, but not very many … and I sort of knew a lot of the people I saw, so that was actually kind of cool. I saw some of the guys from Indy Cycle Specialist, where I bought my bike. It was Scott (the owner) and Chris (who worked on my bike) and a couple other guys whose names I don’t know. I also ran into Rob, who is heavily involved in a lot of the trailbuilding efforts in the area. I met Rob last week and it was cool to run into him again.

I crashed once, I went around a turn too fast, and my wheels slipped out from under me. I hit the ground and slid/rolled a bit. It’s funny, when you crash, you’re supposed to try to roll — fortunately, that’s sort of my default reaction. Rolling helps absorb the shock, instead of just jamming your arm or something, more of your body can absorb the impact.

Another time, I wouldn’t say I crashed, but I bailed because I was on a ledge, and I didn’t feel very in control. I tried to regain control, but didn’t have much luck — I was just moving too slowly to be able to balance. So I jumped off my bike uphill, to avoid falling down the ravine. I’m sure that would have looked hilarious, had anyone seen me. I need to practice moving slowly, and trackstands. My balance tends to suck at slow speeds.

I’m a bit worried about the Epic ride that’s in a few weeks. I just don’t know if I will be able to do it. My ride today was about 12 miles (probably a little bit more), and I was beat. I’ve done more than that at once, but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to do three times as much, all in one day. I might be OK, so long as I pace myself and take frequent breaks. I’m definitely going to go for it, I’m just kind of concerned that it may be too ambitious.

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