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North Tower

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

The weirdest thing happened a few minutes ago. I couldn’t find my GPS. I worried that I might have left it sitting on my trunk when I left Brown County, since I remembered putting it there, but didn’t remember picking it back up. I looked all over for it, and then went outside to look in the car. It wasn’t in the car, but it WAS sitting on my trunk, just where I left it almost 15 miles away! I need to be more careful …

I rode the North Tower Loop at Brown County tonight. I wasn’t sure how the trails would be, given all the rain we’ve had, but they were in great shape. There were only a few puddle/mud spots throughout the whole part I rode.

When I rode through the section of trail where I saw those two deer last time, I saw a whole bunch of deer. In fact, I came around a corner and saw a deer standing on the trail. She moved as soon as she saw me coming, and had run up the hill by the time I got to where she’d been standing. I saw a bunch more as I continued riding. I’m not sure how many, but there were several going in different directions.

I wiped out at one point. I had been keeping my speed pretty conservative because of the mud — too conservative, I decided. The next turn I came to was off camber, and I didn’t even realize it until I was right upon it — too late to brake. I thought I could make it, but I was going a little too fast and my wheels slipped out from under me. As I was laying on the ground, I also noticed a large stone embedded in the trail that was running parallel to my line of travel. I suspect that may have had something to do with my fall as well. I wasn’t hurt, I just kind of landed on my right leg a little bit, so I walked it off for a couple of minutes and continued on my way.

I completed the North Tower Loop + parking connector in right around an hour. I didn’t time myself exactly. I think perhaps I should start timing my rides so I can better track my progress.

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