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Muddy ride

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Finally, after being sick and having a lot of rainy weather, I went for a ride tonight. It was only a short one in “my” woods, but it was pretty good. I made some adjustments to my front derailleur, which helped a bit, but it’s still not right. It looks sort of like one of my chain rings might be bent — I’m not sure yet.

I’m doing better with the clipless shoes. I still have trouble getting into them sometimes, especially in the mud. Mud builds up on the pedals themselves, and the bottoms of the shoes, and it’s really tough to get them to clip. I am getting good at unclipping quickly; at one point, I thought I was going to slip, and I went to put my foot down and realized I had unclipped without even thinking about it.

I saw two deer while I was riding, although I was riding and didn’t really get a good look.

One thing I had forgotten about — after riding in mud, once you get on the road, clumps of mud from the tires go flying everywhere! That was a lot of fun.

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