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Aynes Loop, Lake Lemon

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

I rode Aynes Loop at Brown County with Dave from work and his friend Ken. I did a pretty damn good job, I think, especially for my first time on that trail.

It starts with a big climb, which is tough, but it was actually pretty doable. We did stop a couple of times, but didn’t have to walk at all. There’s a big payoff for all that climbing, which is a fantastic ride down. It’s sort of like the North Tower Loop in that way — at least, if you go the right way, you start off with some climbing, but it’s pretty easy and a whole lot of fun after that.

Aynes is even more fun, with some pretty tight switchbacks, lots of ups and downs, creek crossings, etc. There are a fair number of obstacles, mostly logs and rocks and some roots, but not too many. Just enough to make it fun. One thing that’s kind of scary about it at times is that the trail can get pretty narrow, and in places, it just kind of drops off.

The more I ride at Brown County, the more I appreciate the thought that went into building the trails there, and the execution. There are a lot of banked switchbacks and other curves, so you can generally keep your speed up, even through some tight turns. Also, the trails tend to flow really well.

After we did Aynes Loop, Dave and Ken were going back up Hesitation Point (they parked there). I thought about going with them, but decided against it. Since Dave and I are riding Nebo Ridge tomorrow, I wanted to take it fairly easy. I definitely could have ridden more, but I can always do Hesitation Point next time. Besides, I didn’t necessarily feel like 2 miles of pure climbing, though the ride down would’ve been cool! I also found that I really like riding early in the morning. It’s cooler outside, and it’s a great way to start the day. It’s also even prettier than usual, with more haze and whatnot.

Later, Sarah and I went to Lake Lemon. I hadn’t been there for years, and she had never been, so that was pretty cool. I had forgotten how beautiful it can be there — and it was a gorgeous day, too. After that, we drove around aimlessly for a while in the middle of nowhere, which is always great. It’s amazing how beautiful a bunch of trees, run-down barns, crops, and livestock can be. We also saw a bunch of deer and some cool bridges and cemetaries. We’ll definitely have to do more aimless wandering, hopefully with cameras. Getting out to someplace pretty and relaxing was definitely good for us.

Sarah at Lake Lemon (crappy cell phone photo)

Generic shot of the lake:

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