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Quitting smoking, more Brown County

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

So, I’m trying (again) to quit smoking, and so far, it’s going OK. This time, I got some Nicorette gum stuff. I haven’t used very much of it, but it seems to help a bit at critical moments, which is good. They recommend you use 9 pieces of the stuff per day for like the first 6 weeks, or something crazy like that. I think that’s nuts. I just use a piece now and then if I’m having trouble. We’ll see how well this works out.

I went for another ride at Brown County tonight. I rode while Sarah did some reading by the car. There’s got to be a better way to do this — so much of Brown County is beautiful, but the parking lot by the parking lot connector isn’t one of those places. Maybe if she comes with me, I should drop her off somewhere more scenic before I head to the mountain bike path. I’ll have to see what she thinks.

Anyway, it had rained yesterday and some earlier today, so the trails were a bit wet. Not super wet, fortunately, and in fact there was almost no mud! These trails are incredibly well-designed; I think the water just drains right off the trails and down the hills, leaving very little mud.

I did the North Tower Loop again. I took a wrong turn at one point, and ended up on a trail that just ended in the middle of the woods. Fortunately, I didn’t get too far before I discovered this.

After than that little mishap, the rest went pretty well. I still found myself out of breath several times, but from what I’ve read, my breathing is going to get worse before it gets better due to quitting smoking. I’m looking at probably a week or two before it starts to improve.

I saw a couple of deer on my ride tonight — a doe and a buck, at separate locations. I think I may have heard some more (sometimes I will hear a stick break or something like that and I think that some of those noises are deer).

On our way out, Sarah and I drove through the park instead of right out to the highway. We didn’t see any deer in the park, but we did see some wild turkeys — three of them hanging out together. We saw a few deer later, along State Road 46.

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