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Does eating at Denny’s count as an adventure?

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Michael and I have decided that we should make this a blog that contains more than just posts about adventuring. I haven’t decided what to rename it so I’m just going to skip that for tonight and write.

I’m typing this on a real keyboard. And I’m clicking with a real mouse. You see, today I (err, Michael) set up my new computer. It’s a Gateway with a 17-inch flat-panel monitor some dual-core something or other that made Michael drool at Best Buy. All I care about is that it is 50,000 better than my four-year-old Compaq laptop whose U key stuck since day one. It’s faster and prettier and I can compute like the wind. I also ordered a Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 from Amazon. I’m going to type with much fanciness. It should arrive at my latest possible convenience since I consider myself a free super saver.

In unrelatedness, Michael and I were doing the got-distracted-by-life-and-Sarah-forgot-to-make-dinner business so we were at Denny’s at 11 p.m. tonight. Across from us was this guy talking to two fairly ugly girls. One looked like she walked out of a Green Party convention and the other ordered a steak “as bloody as possible” and eggs “as yolky as possible” (to people with language/eating skills — that would be “rare” and “sunny side up”). Now, this guy starts talking about how he would never walk outside barefoot and the only trails he likes are made of concrete. Michael, of course, calls him a girlyman and we continue eating our Zesty Creole and Two Sausage and Cheese Bowl. Then it happens.

“Why would anyone marry a soldier except for the money?”

Our girlyman has said what has possibly been the worst thing I’ve heard while eating breakfast at almost midnight at Denny’s. Perhaps he hasn’t noticed but soldiers make jackshit. They make more than what they’d made working at McDonald’s in the ghetto, but joining the military isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme. These are also men who are willing to sacrifice their lives, to become killers/defenders/heroes, to be stationed thousands of miles from their families, to lose their sense of decency, to follow orders and save countries so that I can eat my damn sausage in safety and comfort.

Women marry soldiers because they’re human — and lovable — like the rest of us. Some woman out there finds that soldier sexy, intelligent, dedicated. I doubt a woman finds the girlyman to be any of those things …

One Response to “Does eating at Denny’s count as an adventure?”

  1. i, squub Says:

    Definitely adventuresome, that. Denny’s is a dangerous battleground of exploding waitresses and thorny-headed pancake beasts.

    Howzabout, “Going Adventuring and Eating Dangerously.”

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