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Bicycle needs

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

I’m starting a list of things that I need to have the Indy Cycle Specialist guys address when I go up there for my 30-day checkup, things that should be covered under my 1-year service agreement (in no particular order):

– Adjust disc brakes (front wheel hard to get back on without brake rubbing; check the back one, too)
– Fix creaking sound — at first, I thought this was coming from the crank, but now I think it’s the back wheel. It does it the most when I’m pedaling, but also somewhat when I’m not. Doesn’t always do it.
– Seat post doesn’t stay up unless insanely tight, which makes adjusting it difficult. This may require replacing it with a better one.
– Fix chain tension/front derailleur problems. I’ve had the chain fall off the chain rings when trying to switch to the lower gear in the front. Also, the chain has gotten bunched up a couple of times in the front derailleur.

And here are some things that might be worth paying to upgrade:
– Pedals. The ones that came with the bike *really* suck. I’d kind of like some clipless pedals. I’d have to get proper shoes for that, as well.
– Front derailleur. The one on the bike does not instill confidence.
– Stem. Possibly get a shorter one for the front.
– Bike computer? I haven’t put my old one on there, and I don’t like it that much, so I may not. I can use my GPS, but I don’t want to take it everywhere.

I also need to get some zip ties or something to hold the cable for the front brake. The clips on the fork really don’t hold it well.

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