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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I went to Wapehani Mountain Bike Park for the first time today, with some coworkers (Chris, Dan, and Tyler) — I really wasn’t prepared for the experience. I had heard that it was a more technical course than Brown County, but I guess I didn’t realize what that meant. I also didn’t realize how hardcore Chris and Dan are (Tyler had to leave when I got there).

It was definitely intimidating. First of all, my rear brakes aren’t working too well, which causes a lot of problems. But more than that, Wapehani has a lot of steep drops and climbs, as well as some pretty rough conditions you have to overcome. There are a lot of roots, and in one spot, there was a palette-type thing used to cover a hole, but it was missing a couple of slats. Fortunately, Chris warned me about it and that I needed to do a little wheelie as I rode over it to avoid an accident. I pulled it off pretty well — it was pretty exciting! The steep dips and drops were a bit frightening, but overall a lot of fun to ride through.

There are also a couple of parts where you ride on a wooden bridge, which wasn’t hard, but it was fun. I enjoyed Wapehani a lot and look forward to going back!

I really need to quit smoking. I was having trouble breathing and started wheezing after a while. I think I could do longer rides if only I could breathe bettter. I also need to carry more water.

Although it was only about a 40-minute ride, I was pretty exhausted. I’m not used to riding in those conditions and on such a challenging course. I need to ride more — I’m still in pretty crappy shape, and I can only handle about an hour of mountain biking at a time right now.

According to my bike computer, some stats:
Distance: 2.923 miles
Max speed: 15.2 miles
Average speed: 6.8 mph

I realized that I didn’t write anything about my ride in Brown County State Park last weekend. It wasn’t too hard technically, but the hills absolutely kicked my ass. I was exhausted by the end of the ride, but had a great time.

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  1. i, squub Says:


    I thought you quit smoking. Guess you fell off the… got back on the… thing. You hopped the thing. Anyway, at least you’re out riding. I still haven’t had my bike out all summer.

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